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What’s Working Now – Free Money Making Sites

Lots of money making sites- all absolutely free of course 🙂 ** NEW!!!**  Daily Focus Group & Market Research Listings– Just added this feature. Visit this forum several times a week for high paying focus group opportunities. Keep in mind these will not be sent out as blog posts so you need to check the… Read More »

Vocal Views Paid Market Research Focus Groups

I swore I mentioned this site in the past but apparently I didn’t. Vocal Views is a market research firm based in England. They offer a wide range of studies including local and also nationwide projects that can be taken online from the USA. Invites are sent via email based on your profile and they… Read More »

Scribie Audio/Video Transcription Service

May want to have a look at Scribie  : ) Scribie.com offers a great opportunity to augment your income by transcribing audio files for us. The work involves listening to the audio files and typing or dictating it as accurately as possible. You just need to go through a test process and get certified as… Read More »

Get Paid To Test Websites $$

I wrote about user testing sites in the past & decided to post an updated list. Enjoy!   UserTesting – We help companies eliminate bad user experiences. TestingTime – Recruit for usability tests, focus groups, interviews, surveys & more. Analysia – Get paid to surf websites while telling us what you think. Enroll User Testing… Read More »

Stars Product Use Research Experience

Passing this along to members- Focus Pointe Global is a fantastic market research firm so when I saw the name attached to this new product research panel it was a must share : ) What is the Online Review Program all about? Focus Pointe Global has been implementing monthly studies designed to generate online reviews… Read More »

Piloting EMA items for measuring smoking-related variables

Just in case you missed this yesterday- if you are a smoker, this is quite an easy study to get accepted to. Remember to check the Cool Work Ideas Forum daily for nationwide research studies posted throughout the week. Only on rare occasions do I re-post these on the blog. Well worth visiting several times… Read More »

Microsoft User Research

Felt this was worth a share : ) We want you to influence the next wave of Microsoft products. Sign up today to see what we’re working on. Your involvement will make products easier to use and help shape future technology. Where else can you impact the lives of so many users around the world?… Read More »

Inbox Dollars TV App

Ok folks- going to make this short and sweet. Many of you are probably familiar with the site Inbox Dollars. If you are familiar with them? You probably also know the site is not a big money maker. I wont bash them- it is a legit site but I personally stopped using them because my time… Read More »

Product Testing Opportunity for Parents Earn $350

Esearch shared this in our Facebook group but I wanted to put this opportunity out to a wider audience with a blog post. Many of us have done studies for Esearch in the past and they are a reliable research firm. Hope some folks get accepted into this study- fantastic pay 🙂 $350.00 Product Testing… Read More »

Paid Autism Research (Online/From Your Home)

The University of Miami has partnered with the Simon’s Foundation for Autism Research Institute (SFARI) to acerbate our knowledge of autism nationwide! Help us transform the understanding of autism and advance treatments by participating in the landmark research project, SPARK. Individuals with autism and their family members are encouraged to participate in SPARK. The goal… Read More »

Price Point Health Research – Earn $100

Since 2010, PricePoint Health Research’s goal has been to help lower healthcare costs in the United States by improving price transparency.  We perform research studies in local towns across the country to find out what it costs to visit different hospitals and doctors. PricePoint Health Research procures, analyzes and summarizes current cost and price information… Read More »