OMGYES Casting – $1000

Ok so here we go again! Another ‘racy’ blog post but when you see an opportunity that offers a payout this large I just have to set aside all judgement and share it 🙂 . This is obviously not for everyone but I certainly hope someone takes advantage of it. OMGyes is a research-based website aimed at… Read More »

Probe Market Research

Many of us have done studies for Probe Research in the past and will probably agree they are a fantastic market research company. Reliable, excellent pay and just all around professional organization you absolutely want to be connected with. They just re did their website so I thought this would serve as an excellent opportunity… Read More »

American University Paid Research Studies

Good morning folks! Was browsing Craigslist and found yet another University research panel that is new to  me, The American University Washington DC. Pre screen took about 8 minutes to complete and was quite painless. These are nationwide opportunities all done from your home via the internet with payment averaging between $5-10 for 15-30 minute… Read More »

Cross Media Panel

Cross Media has once again opened their doors for people to join! If you are not familiar with Cross Media, essentially its a program run by Google where they compensate you to monitor the data on your desktop, smartphones and tablets.  Although the pay is quite low this is 100% passive meaning once you install… Read More »

Paid University Research Studies

A HUGE thanks to Praveen for sharing this list with us!!! These are the various University research labs you can subscribe to & get paid for your time 🙂 Edit – Sorry folks, having some trouble with this blog post and its killing my home page. Re posted it in the forum until I can… Read More »

Sites Worth Mentioning 8/22/2016

Just a few links worth mentioning. Hope everyone is doing great!!! General Mills Advisory Panel – Share your thoughts about food and food products. By letting us know, you’ll be improving the General Mills products you use every day. Video Chat Network – VCN is a market research company that pays you to video chat in focus groups… Read More »

Leapforce Independent Contractor Opportunity

Friend shared this with me earlier today and certainly seems appropriate for what we do here. Check it out!!! Job Description This position is restricted to residents of the United States only Position Type: Independent Contractor This is a Personalized Search Engine Evaluator position. As a Personalized Search Engine Evaluator, you will be given tasks… Read More »

Radial Insight Email Survey Invites

Folks- you absolutely want to take a few minutes to sign up with Radial Insights! They are yet another in a small but growing list of services that email you surveys based on your profile. They are not a survey panel so you don’t have to visit the site but rather they will email you… Read More »

Sites Worth Mentioning 7/20/2016

Quick post here folks- just some valuable sites that have been shared on the Blog and Facebook Group worth sharing in case you missed them!!! Don’t forget- if you share a valuable site? Your referral link will be attached with the blog post. Fair is fair 🙂   Zitter Health Insights Panel – Web based… Read More »