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Important Changes To Cool Work Ideas

I’ve been thinking about this carefully for a long time, and I believe now is the time to make some changes to ensure the survival of the market research forum. While I’m thrilled at how our membership has swelled in the last year, I’m very aware of the fact that a small group of folks… Read More »

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Focus. And Earn $75 Per Hour

Why They Need Us Companies spend a lot of time and effort bringing a product to market. A huge part of this process is to make certain consumers will show an interest in their product, so companies go to great expense to collect data across all ages, genders, etc. I just recently tried a new… Read More »

Fetch Rewards App

Have an awesome App I want to share with everyone! The best part is I don’t have to do  much writing since my friend already did a blog post on it sooooo just passing it along. Below is a quick description and you can visit her site for more. fetch rewards is my newest app… Read More »

Walmart Grocery Shopping Research Study $125

I Liked this opportunity enough to put it out as a blog post so nobody misses a chance to jump on it. Obviously its time sensitive so you need to act quickly. Don’t forget to keep checking the Coolworkideas forum HERE daily for dozens of opportunities like this all week! Walmart is seeking grocery shopping… Read More »

Amazon Jobs

A friend shared this in our Facebook group and  I wanted to pass it along to everyone. Quite a few states are listed here so good luck!!! WORK FROM HOME AT THE VIRTUAL CONTACT CENTER! In order to be considered for this position you must live in one of the following states: Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut,… Read More »

Focus Pointe Global Research Panel

Ok lots of you already know (or should know!) about Focus Pointe Global if you have been a member of Coolworkideas for a while but since we have seen a huge increase in members I thought it would be a good idea to mention it here. Focus Pointe Global is a market research panel. Every day… Read More »

Sites Worth Mentioning 04/02/2017

Intellizoom – Get paid to share your experiences and make an impact on products you love and care about. Attapoll – Get paid to take surveys on your mobile phone or tablet. Focus Nation – Thank you for your interest in registering for market research studies with Survey Center Focus! We conduct all types of research… Read More »

Product Test Opportunity for Men

Wanted to share this fantastic product testing opportunity with all the males on the site. This is time sensitive so if you are interested act quickly. I like to put these out as blog postings occasionally this way members are alerted quickly before they are filled. USA Only! Product test for males between the ages… Read More »

FusionCash Still A Winner

A lot has changed since I started Coolworkideas and over the last 2 years as I slowly shifted towards market research studies a lot of the smaller money making sites have lost luster to me. One of the few sites I still use as part of my daily routine however is a site called FusionCash.… Read More »

Nationwide Online Diabetes Study

Researchers at the University of Michigan and the University of California San Francisco are recruiting adults with type 2 diabetes to participate in a 12-month study of a nationwide online program. The purpose of this study is to determine which program components are most effective for weight loss and blood sugar control. No in-person sessions… Read More »

Erli Bird Beta Testing

One more beta testing site to check out : ) ErliBird is the easiest way to recruit targeted real-world users, conduct user research, and collect high quality feedback in hours. Get honest and actionable feedback fast, so you can iterate quickly, improve, and launch successful apps your customers will love. ErliBird Beta Testing