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By | January 26, 2015

Ok folks- Last month I signed up for YourWord but so far its about as dead as a door nail : (

Took me about 3 minutes to set up my profile which earned me .$50 so that was worth the effort. A quick glance it looks like there is a $5 cashout level, and they offer the usual assortment of gift cards ranging from Amazon to Itunes. Looks like no Paypal option? Although these days I really don’t flinch at that anymore as these gift cards are just as good as cash and for tax purposes its also more accommodating so no complaints there.  Keep in mind folks that these small panels are a dime a dozen.. I really don’t join them expecting to earn more then $5-10 every few months?  but part of my earning strategy has always been to join as many panels as possible? and if the time spent is manageable then its worth the effort. Not to mention if each one of these smaller panels lands me an online focus group or in home product testing opportunity once a year I am elated. YourWord pays $.10 for each disqualification which is a nice added bonus.  Click on the SurveyPolice comments if you have some time. For now? It looks like this panel may not even be worth taking the time to sign up but that can change. Not a single invite in 4 weeks Id be lucky to make $10 a year!  Next….

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2 thoughts on “YourWord Survey Panel

  1. paul2015 Post author

    Hope they aren’t closing shop??? I still keep checking SocialSci in hopes that they manage to keep the doors open- hate seeing panels go under.. It surprises me because you would think it would be easy for these sites to make a killing but I suppose nothing is easy event he survey business.

    Ill be stuck inside the next few days with this blizzard.. gives me a great excuse to just sit here for 15 hours and work. Hopefully I can get out and take some pictures- probably the one positive to a 2 foot snowstorm : )

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