You Can Nap While You Run Your Perk TV App

By | July 19, 2014

Perk AUTO-EARNERTV is primarily an app for your smart phone, through which you are paid to watch ads for software applications and trailers of feature films that are about to appear in theaters. Perk TV also has a website where you can do various tasks for pay, such as take surveys, shop at partner stores, and gain reward points or print coupons for the same. However, in my experience, Perk is all about watching videos on your device.

The real value of Perk TV lies not in cash/rewards, but rather in how easy it is to use. It runs itself. You can virtually work it all day and night (in my experience, the app sometimes shuts down or encounters an error, so you will want to check in occasionally). There are weekends wherein I run my Perk app for 48 hours, stopping only to take phone calls or send a text.  The negative is that Perk TV is not a big earner, so the theme I repeat often here (“you wont get rich”) applies. Take note, however: The fact that it runs itself is very important, as most sites require you to constantly prove you are there, entering a captcha or just keeping the screen active.  Perk TV will keep streaming and adding points to your account until you stop it. Can you say, “auto-earner?”

Perk has a paid search which I don’t use (the rewards aren’t worth it).

The bottom line: Perk is a must-have earner to have in your back pocket. Rewards available range from Amazon to iTunes, Starbucks to Dunkin Donuts, or just plain old Paypal cash. I have used Perk TV now for nearly nine months and it is a very consistent earner for me. Each month, I cash out $25 in Starbucks rewards and another $25 for my Dominos pizza fix, via Perk. It is also worth mentioning that Perk TV does NOT discourage you from installing and using it on multiple devices, simultaneously, for multiple cash streams. This is about as easy as it comes, folks.

3 thoughts on “You Can Nap While You Run Your Perk TV App

  1. paul Post author

    Thanks Ashley! There are a few more Apps I use from time to time? Unfortunately the payout is just too low to make most worth mentioning.. BUT if you have a free hand? and your like me and try and grab every penny out there? give App Trailers a try.. One way you can make decent money with AppTrailers is if you take videos and upload them? They have a section of the App devoted to users videos and you get paid to watch these videos but if you upload a video? You get paid each time someone watches. Its not a big earner but its just one more small thing to do. Whats nice is they pay instantly- literally.. I only take about $20-30 a month from them but seconds after I submit for payment it hits my Paypal..

  2. paul Post author

    Cashed out my July Perks today! Decided not to do the Starbucks or Pizza this time around but instead went with a $50 Amazon card..

    Folks- make sure you go to the main menu of our site? on the top right hand corner of your screen look for the blue box that says ‘Subscribe’ and leave us your email address!! I send out several money making ideas each week and would love to have you as a member! Its free of course!!!


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