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By | September 10, 2015

Thought this was interesting from our friends at Focus Forward : )

Focus Forward currently has an amazing work-at-home opportunity as a transcriber. This is a 100% work at home opportunity! Transcription is a virtual, independent contractor position with exceptional rewards:

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Qualified candidates must have:

  • Broadband internet access
  • Microsoft Word & Excel
  • Excellent grammar and punctuation
  • Available to transcribe at least 3 hours of audio/week

Learn more and apply!
Visit us at: Join our team!

  • English-Language or Spanish-Language opportunities
  • Additional income opportunities for note taking

6 thoughts on “Work At Home Transcription Jobs

  1. Michele

    I saw this. Think I’m going to try it but they’ll be a typing test and I think I’m better doing things like that at some point in the morning rather than at the end of my day. Would be nice if it worked out.

  2. Admin Post author

    Timing sure is everything at least with me! Mornings I am at my best and usually ill get a strong second wind around 3pm but that quickly fizzles : )

  3. Amy

    Schlesinger Associates is another market research company that hires for transcription work. I used to work for them for awhile transcribing focus groups. Some of them were interesting, but I moved onto something that paid better.

    1. Admin Post author

      I had no idea- Thanks Amy! Wish I could get into it but I am pure speed and poor detail : ) Grammar is horrible…

  4. Aakriti Basu

    Thanks for sharing . I personally use Bulmeny to make money from home . It is fully free and very easy .

    1. Paul Post author

      Aakriti- Did you spell that correctly? or do you have a link? Would love to check that out but not finding anything under a search for Bulmeny : (

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