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By | May 22, 2015

Lots of money making sites- all absolutely free of course 🙂

** NEW!!!**  Daily Focus Group & Market Research Listings– Just added this feature. Visit this forum several times a week for high paying focus group opportunities. Keep in mind these will not be sent out as blog posts so you need to check the forum for find the latest posts.

Survey PanelsMintVine, FusionCash, MyView, PineCone continue to be my top performers. I still take email Invites from InboxDollars, Clixsense, Opinion Outpost but to be honest? There really isn’t a need to struggle with many sites besides the top 4 here. Keep in mind that PineCone isn’t accepting new members via my link? but I have been told that you can still join by clicking the link on the Survey Police site. See top 6 and 9 sites for more. Also see this post for tips on better earnings from MintVine & FusionCash

Local Market Studies & Focus Groups Resources– I wrote here about Focus Groups and using Craigslist. Use these resources to help locate offices local to you. Quirks, GreenBook, Craigslist Full Search, BackPage, Epage.

Email Survey Invites- This is the new trend folks. Why struggle taking 5-10 surveys only to qualify for 2 or 3 if you are lucky? You spend hours trying to get accepted for what, $.50 or $1 if you are lucky? BrightIdeas, TV Focus Group, Innopoll, LiveWire, Accelerant Research, Brand Institute, Inspired Opinions, Reckner, 20/20Panel, WatchLab, Radial Insights

Paid University StudiesGeorgetown, LSA Psychology, MIT Behavioral,  Princeton, UCLA Anderson, Stanford, CDC Virtual Lab

Market Research Firms– I will be posting a much larger list soon but for now these are what have been working quite well recently. PlazaResearch, FocusForward, FieldWork, WatchLab, Probe Market Research, FG Global, Reckner,

Paid to watch VideosSwagbucks Encrave working like a charm now. I run these on my second computer and earn between $3-5 daily or about $100 a month just watching video all day. LootPalace & ZoomBucks have not been performing as well so for now I am just focusing on Swagbucks. QuickRewards has some unique videos as well. Keep checking on LootPalace because I am certain they will be back on top again and when they are? The pay per view is usually double what SwagBucks offers. 

Apps- Not many apps have impressed me so for now I still continue to just use PerkTV and another for android users is GrabPoints. If anyone has others id greatly appreciate hearing about them! Perk  is a must have if you don’t realize that already. AppTrailers I had used for quite some time but was hard to earn $10 a month so I lost interest but worth looking at IMO. Lets not forget SwagBucksTV & EntertainNow.

Paid To Search & Read Emails- I know this is real chump change? but I still do these religiously each day. Its just a habit I have gotten into and its mindless and simple. I earn about $30 extra a month which is certainly good for some beer and pizza at the least. Between BingRewards, SwagBucks, ZoomBucks paid searches, Inbox Dollars & Send Earnings which offer both paid searches and paid emails, YouroEmail a low paying email reading service.

User Testing Sites- Unreal I have neglected these and they are very high paying. I had some initial difficulty and it took the desire away and I am missing a huge opportunity with these. I promise I will get active on these real soon and share the experience but trust me User Testing Sites are making some folks decent coin.

Radio Loyalty- Almost every GPT site offers Radio Loyalty but SwagBucks is still crushing them all paying a nice $.10 per hour. Paid to listen to the radio- but be aware this IS a resource hog! I run this all day, 15 hours on my second computer and it earns $45 to my SwagBucks account. Again- not a huge earner? but $25 here, $50 there it all adds up. $45 to listen to the radio? why not!

Amazon TurkMturk List, TurkOpticon.

Amazon Turk Alternatives– I have never found anything that replaces Amazon Turk but in all fairness? Some folks have had success with MicroWorkers and ClickWorker. If you aren’t familiar with Amazon Turk start here.

More Cool Work Ideas-  SliceThePie, FreeEats, MXwork, GiftHulk, LootPalace, BingSearchRewards, Crowdology, OpinionSite, OpinionOutpost, ScreenWiseTrends, SurveySavy, Epoll, YourWordSurveys, JambaJuice, Ejury, SurveyPolice, WhatUsersDo (UK Only), SwagBucksDailyCodes, UpWork.

Online Earners Bible pretty much sums up my strategy fwiw. If you are new to this blog you should read this post.

SwagBucks Video – Click on this title for a detailed instruction regarding Swagbucks Encrave videos. This earns me a c-note each month 🙂

Time Management– Excellent post regarding how to manage your time



I just added a discussion forum to the blog. This will be a work in progress over the next few months so humor me until it gets up to snuff. This is going to be a priceless resource of information supporting everything I post on this blog. Please provide feedback! Help shape it to what you think would work best for you! One category to pay particular attention to is the forum labeled ‘Focus Groups & Market Research Opportunities‘. Folks I get a LOT of these almost every single day but its just too overwhelming to post them all on the blog. I created this particular forum so that as I work during the week I can take 1-2 minutes and post them daily. It wont clutter the blog and subscribers wont get flooded with emails. When you have spare time during the week you can come to that forum and have access to all the latest high paying research opportunities. These are VERY hard to qualify for and its a numbers game but you want to apply to as many of these as possible with the average pay being $75-150 an hour. They are real and if you apply to enough you will eventually qualify for some. I do these constantly and if I put them out in a blog post it would take 5-10 minutes but in the forum I can share them in 1-2 minutes. If enough people visit the forum each week I will run with this and keep sharing them so please check it out! Keep in mind I am not compensated for these and there is no referral money involved but I am searching for them all week and if I can share them with very little effort why not?  





18 thoughts on “What’s Working Now – Free Money Making Sites

  1. Janet

    Hey all,
    I check Craigslist for the Boston area several times a day under all the recommended search phrases. All that come up are ads for a place called SurveySwagger. Is anyone familiar with them? It doesn’t look right to me, but what do I know?

    1. paul2015 Post author

      That SurveySwagger keeps popping up for me too. Don’t even bother with it : (
      Craigslist is so tricky because I will go weeks without anything of value and then suddenly it pans out. I have noticed Backpage has some quality from time to time but Craigslist is king!

  2. Patience

    Just an FYI, I’ve started getting some decent survey invites from InboxDollars. I used to ignore them because they were usually fifty cents or less but a couple weeks ago I got one for $5 and since then I’ve gotten other good ones. I love to see this trend continue.

    1. paul2015 Post author

      I do pretty well with some of the Inbox Dollars invites. The real secret with those is just wait for the higher paying ones and its surprising how many you actually get over the month. Send Earnings doesn’t send me much but I have noticed its good to go there every few months and snag a few offers? Not many people use that site so it seems easier to grab offers and make a few dollars- even the surveys are easier to qualify but Inbox has the higher paying ones. Funny too how the sites rotate- whats hot now cools off and then others come back from the dead : ) I really like Opinion Outpost but I always get annoyed when I spend 10-15 minutes only to be told I don’t qualify it just totally demoralizes me and ruins my day. So important to try and only invest time into the higher payouts this way its worth that time invested for a potential DQ

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Thanks Bridget! I saw a whole bunch of incoming links with Facebook attached and yet no way to trace it back and see who posted what : (

  3. Onnonnon

    Aw, screw those guys. Reddit is useful, but a terrible place for people. I mostly steer clear of it. Sad to hear of your subreddit!

  4. jennifer

    I’d hate to see you pack it all up. I didn’t look at your reddit page often, but I do check this blog a lot.

    Also, I dont know if you heard, but Amazon is considering raising their comission rates from 10% to 20-30%. Which either means a ton of requesters will leave, or our worker pay will drastically reduce. Here is the official statement: http://mechanicalturk.typepad.com/blog/2015/05/bringing-future-innovation-to-mechanical-turk.html.

    I’m trying to figure out where I can voice my opinion about this to Amazon. We need to get up in arms about this or our beloved Mturk will be a thing of the past. 🙁

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Hey Jennifer! That sure is interesting? although on tiny bit of optimism and hopefully its not ill placed? Don’t forget, most of the hits on Amazon are about $.50 on average so even at 20% its not a lot of money especially considering how much the requesters save having access to such a massive pool of participants. Hope I’m not fooling myself with that assumption? geeesh the bad news this week seems to keep coming!!!

      1. Jennifer

        Thats true. I may be prematurely freaking out because this is my only source of income in a very rural and poor part of the world where jobs are extremely hard to come by and very far from home. Our town consists of a post office that is closing soon and a gas station (where my husband worked for a week before being replaced by a good ol’ boy).

        Please dont close your blog. lol I may be here trying to find even more alternatives if requesters start ditching Mturk.

        1. Jennifer

          I think a forum would be great. People could contribute their own findings or just shoot the shit in downtime. When I saw the information about Mturk raising it’s prices, I knew i wanted to come here first, but wasn’t sure where to put it.

          1. paul2015 Post author

            Funny last week I downloaded a plug in for a forum? But didn’t really like how hidden it is on the main menu and figured I had Reddit so just brushed it aside.

            If you go to the main menu? look on the right hand side just under the ‘subscribe’ tab and you will see ‘Discussion Forums’ . Lets mess around with that and see what it looks like? Maybe If we can make it look decent it would be worth putting out a post to see if anyone’s interested and we can take some of the more important conversations there..

            Just so obscure and hard to see / find where it is.. Hate that

          2. Jennifer

            How do you register? I see that you can log in, but can’t register.

          3. paul2015 Post author

            Ok Thanks Jennifer! You know what? Let me think about this for a day or two before I start fiddling with it.. but I clearly need to do something especially now that the Reddit thread is out of the picture for good? and too much information gets lost when its posted under the individual blog posts.. It would really serve all of us to have an ongoing resource for each subject and also the time sensitive ones like focus groups and market studies.

            HUGE thanks for all your help these last few days.. It sincerely means a lot! I have a small food study to go to in a little bit so this should be fun. : )

          4. paul2015 Post author

            Ok I got rid of the login required… Just looks kinda blah tho but I am going to mess around with it : )(

  5. Jennifer

    Have fun! I’m still not quite sure I understand what happened at Reddit, but sorry they banned your page for whatever reason. I don’t see the problem with what it was you were posting. I feel like I’m missing something.

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Fwiw? Reddit closed the thread because ‘Your thread was nothing but spam and had no value to Redditors’…

      and of course out of the 1000 people that follow me only you and 1/2 a dozen others actually stepped up to dispute the ban so I looked like a horses ass in all of this. Kinda sucks for lack of a better word!

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