Visa Checkout – Earn An Easy 500 Swagbucks!

By | August 12, 2015

Swagbucks is offering a promotion today only! Sign up for Visa Checkout and earn 500 ($5.00) just for signing up. Thanks to Michelle for sharing this in our forum!!! Took me 2 minutes to sign up so certainly worth it plus it will save me time when ordering items online. You can find the offer on the Swagbucks home page or check your in box. Don’t forget- this special applies today only!

But how do you get your 500 SB? It’s so easy:
On Wednesday, August 12th ONLY click on the Visa Checkout Special Offer on
Create an account with Visa Checkout.
Link a Visa credit or debit card to your Visa Checkout account (you MUST link a Visa credit or debit card to be eligible for the 500 SB).
Enter your shipping information.
Once completed you will earn your 500 SB immediately! You will not need to make a purchase! (Your Daily Goal Meter will thank you later)
And, if 100,000 Swagbucks members take advantage of the Visa Checkout Special Offer each participating member will receive a 100 SB Swag Up Rebate on their next gift card redemption.

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4 thoughts on “Visa Checkout – Earn An Easy 500 Swagbucks!

    1. paul2015 Post author

      I just got an email from Perk who is offering a similar deal although I think the Swag offer is a better payout. Love those quick hits like that. I did a MyView survey over the weekend and completely forgot I told them it was ok to call me for a phone interview. They caught me at around 10am and that was another quick $5.. my lucky day 🙂

      Ill take whatever I can get!

    1. paul2015 Post author

      I saw that! Kinda mad Perk waiting so long to send it because I am about 2000 points away from a cash out and might have done it just to reach that faster !

      I just downloaded a bunch of the perk Apps like scratch and win, browser.. Gotta start increasing my points. Funny I just noticed the other day Perk is actually a publicly traded company in Canada- to me that’s pretty important because it means they have quite a supply of cash to expand. Perk was one of the first services I ever started with so I have some loyalty in my heart for them 🙂

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