Vacations Webcam Interview – $100 / 60 minutes

By | April 21, 2015

Nationwide Vacation Study!  60 minute interview paying $100 done via webcam. Interviews to take place between 4/27 & 5/15

As always its a numbers game so jump on as many of these as you can? as quickly as possible. First come first serve as usual. Good luck!!!



3 thoughts on “Vacations Webcam Interview – $100 / 60 minutes

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Your Welcome! I have some real cool stuff Ill be sharing over the next week or two.. This week has been slow so I was able to put quite a few hours into researching more market research firms.. I am stunned by how many are out there its unreal. I honestly would love to just constantly be getting email invites and phone calls- I still have too much of a lag sometimes between opportunities.

      I was a bit disappointed with the University studies? I think most of them just put the studies out on Amazon Turk now but I guess you cant blame them.. but I have a feeling the research companies prefer to have personal profiles and they target a more specific audience. Right now that is the direction I am looking at. Those quick $3-5 email invites. Liverwire, TVFocus,Brightideas and the such..

  1. Anotherpersona

    Yea, I’ve been exploring more too, there are SO many. Hard to judge the really legit ones, but I have been getting a lot of calls lately. Sadly, as you said, these university ones tend to suck. They want me to come to the campus for measly pay, the ones around here – 10 dollar amazon gift card for an hour to an hour-and-a-half. Ugh, so not worth it. Especially for a gift card.

    I very much like those email invites, paidfocusepanel does quite a few, but their pay scale seems to be pretty skewed. 1.15 for 45 minutes was my last one.. like yea, right.

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