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By | January 20, 2015

Wanted to share this site UserTesting with everyone. A site a member shared with me and I will report back once I set up and give it a try but it sounds fantastic!  Below is the Reddit post so people that aren’t comfortable with the forum wont miss out. Huge thanks Onnonnon!!! I Hope more folks warm up to Reddit so we can keep generating more ideas.

<If you have a microphone, you can sign up for this website. I usually have it open in a tab so I can hear it’s chime when a new test comes up. They go very fast because they are worth some good bank.

The regular test, which is a 15 minute review of a website they show you with many specific questions, pays $10. You must install a screen recorder program. So far it has not effected my computer negatively. They also have shorter tests that are only 5 minutes long that pay 3 dollars. They take one week exactly to the minute to pay out for each test.

Anyway, I’ve made upwards of a hundred bucks a month by keeping this tab open and responding to it. You get a lot of screenouts in the initial screener surveys, but not only is that to be expected, the screeners are usually only 1-4 questions. Not 5 minutes of test.

So if you don’t know of that one, check it out, and broadcast it to your readers. It’s part of my usual routine as much as possible.>

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