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By | February 15, 2015

Lots of small things to mention so I decided to put together a somewhat sloppy but effective post highlighting some of the good and bad over the last few weeks. Hope this helps!

MXWRK Browser Extension- I tried it, but removed it from my browser. I was surprised it didn’t create popups or Trojans and ran surprisingly clean. It just isn’t worth it for the pay. The promised payout was $1 a day which in truth was never more then $.30. They did deliver on the promise of paying me via Paypal each day? but seems kind of silly having all these deposits each day for a few pennies. I also frowned on the fact that I provided them with over 4 dozen subscribers and they didn’t pay me 1 cent in referral monies.  I found it hard to believe that over 50 people went to the site and decided not to try it. This just wasn’t worth it to me but for all intents and purposes it is semi legit if you ignore the false referral program : )

Epoll Survey Panel– I wrote about these folks over the last few months and concluded the payout was too small for the effort. Over the last month however I noticed several invites for extremely short surveys. Each of these were under 5 minutes and paid about $.50-.75 which is fair compensation. I will continue to just take these short surveys but just remember that most Epoll surveys are much too long for the pay. Be selective and grab the special invites!

MyView– Very few blogs talk about this one because there is no referral program to leach off of. I love this panel! It has one thing most sites don’t and that is FANTASTIC customer support that sincerely cares and wants your business. Just remember- the one downside here is every so often you find a survey which is insanely long for the pay and needs to be aborted. If you choose not to abort it? What I have been doing is contacting customer support and complaining that the time was mislabeled and  working 40 minutes for $.75 was unfair. Its easier to abort the survey but customer support has always offered me a bonus and addressed the concerns. Payment also takes quite a long time to process but I have been with these folks for 1 1/2 years and they are a class act. This is one of the rare sites that actually cares about its customers. Cherish it because its a rarity.

BrandInstitute,  InspiredOpinions, InnoPoll, Accelerant,   Livewire,  All of these have been sending some fantastic surveys- if you aren’t signed up for them? I suggest you do so. I hope to grow this list because they require so little work. The invites are emailed to you and typically takes about 1-2 minutes to pre screen and see if you qualify. All of these offer fantastic hourly rates for your time.

FusionCash– Folks this is still one of my favorite sites to take surveys? but I was reminded in a BIG way again this week how horrible the customer support at FusionCash is. This week I will put out another post because I wanted to address this issue that I mention constantly here on my blog. 80% if not more of these sites care very little about you and that is an understatement. They have countless numbers of willing workers and there is virtually little to no support. FusionCash makes me a LOT of money but the support not only is horrible but it borders on insulting and rude. SwagBucks, MyView, Mintvine, PineCone, These sites are the exception rather then the rule. I think what hurts the most is you would think since your working sometimes for $2-4 an hour that you would be treated with some decency but that is NOT the case. I will write more about it this week because I have some bones to pick with some very popular sites and I have every intention of informing my blog readers of which sites care about you and which ones will show you the door the minute you have the slightest problem.

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