UC Berkeley Online Dating Study – $15

By | July 15, 2015

Good morning! I completed a few studies with UC Berkeley in the past and they always pay and always over estimate the time it takes so this should be an easy $15 for anyone that has used an online dating site. Not going to make you rich but $15 for less than an hour is well worth it if you have some spare time. Fill out the quick pre screen and they will follow up with an email shortly after. M/F all ages having tried an online dating site at some point. Apply here!

Also wanted to take a second to remind folks if you haven’t already? Sign up for the 20/20 Panel. You wont receive a lot of invites but when you do they are some of the best paying in this business. Yesterday they sent out a $75 study that involved about 90 minutes work online. One of the best thing with these email invite panels is not only the pay? but if they require a pre screen to see if you qualify they only steal 1-2 minutes of your time. I have easily spent 1-2 hours in a day trying to qualify for $.50-1 studies from the usual suspects this is why I cant stress enough how wonderful these email panel sites are. When they put out a study? They are prepared to pay very well in order to obtain the best data.

Don’t forget to check the Focus Group & Market Research forum several times a week for daily opportunities. I can’t do a blog post for every study I find and believe me there are a LOT out there and like I always say, its a numbers game. Invest a few minutes each day and you have a part time job just landing 2 a month.


2 thoughts on “UC Berkeley Online Dating Study – $15

  1. Cari

    FYI: this dating study is conducted in person at the campus and therefore is only available to people who live in the UCBerkley area.

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Sorry Cari! I have a study I am still working on with them so couldn’t apply for this one and the advert had it listed as nationwide/online. Nobody spoke up that it required a local visit 🙂 I try not to post anything that isn’t national and able to be completed online. Huge thanks for pointing it out and sorry!

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