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By | February 28, 2015

Happy weekend to everyone!  This morning after 3 long months I finally reached cash out on InboxDollars and SendEarnings. For people familiar with these sites? They are NOT big earners and most online workers quickly stop using these two sites and label them as worthless. Oddly enough? For the most part I agree with them! Most of the surveys are long and offer poor payouts, tasks are boring and low paying, its easy to waste hours on these sites for very little pay. With this in mind? It brings up a very important subject. Time Management, and how you need to approach these sites and dozens like them so they become worth your time. This is a VERY important subject but my time is limited this weekend so please accept this poorly written excuse of a post because there are some valuable points to be taken if you are willing to sift through the bad grammar and structure : (

On Reddit there is a sub thread called Beermoney. The thinking behind the title is that all these online tasks? are NOT real money but rather chump change.. extra pennies.. beer money. The flaw to this thinking is they leave you believing its impossible to earn serious money. They point to sites like Inbox, or even Apps like Perk TV or GrabPoints and how even the hardest working individual can only produce $20-30 a month from the sites. If you read some of my longer posts such as Online Earners Bible? You’ll see over and over I hammer the theme of time management and incorporating tasks into your daily routine to increase your earnings. It is so important to understand how critical time management is to yielding results that are far more then beer money. Amazon Turk can earn you $700+ a month so its worth devoting hours each day, but while you are doing that its also wise to earn extra watching videos or getting paid to do internet searches or even the measly $.02 you can earn reading paid emails on Inbox dollars. Its all about managing your time and efforts and not getting lost in a sea of small earners.

Each  month I earn roughly $1500+ on the tasks I write about on this site, hardly beer money unless I had a serious drinking problem! Its worth pointing out that I make very little off my website or referrals in fact as of writing this? I barely gain $50 a month from Google Adsense and referrals to sites like Mintvine, InboxDollars etc etc. These are REAL earnings, and if anything the website reduces my ability to earn because it takes a lot to maintain. Cry me a river Paul!  but my point is- what I produce is exactly what any other person can produce.. It just takes some effort.. As sick as I am when I see blogs lying about huge earnings? its equally upsetting hearing people say this is not worth it. Sadly its very hard to separate fact from fiction on the net. Remember- blogs make money only if they have tons of traffic so bragging about huge earnings to attract traffic is MUCH easier then working in the trenches and sharing that information every week and slowly building a solid base of viewers. What will take me years to achieve in page views they can do in a few months by fibbing to gain traffic which is exactly why its so hard to take any of this serious. but enough about that for now..

Amazon Turk, Focus Groups(Both Online and Off), Product testing, and REAL survey sites. This is where the money is folks. 3/4 of what I earn comes from these methods and as such this is where my energy goes each day. My time is well rewarded here and its my primary focus from the moment I wake up till the moment I shut down for the night. My main computer is devoted to these efforts and nothing else. Which brings up an interesting point- GET a second computer!  You can get used computers for a few hundred dollars and it will pay for itself in a month. All of the other tasks I do whether its Radio Loyalty, Encrave Videos, QuickReward Videos, Paid Searches, Browser Extensions, All of this is done on a second computer. As I am focusing my time and energy on what makes me money? The second computer is always running smaller tasks. This second computer is where dozens of small tasks are performed all day some earning $5 a month, others earning $30 but when you combine it all together you have $200+ extra in your account. The key is not to let it distract or take time from your main earners. Its secondary, its watching videos for $2 a day on Swagucks or $1.25 having Radio Loyalty open. These are your beer money tasks.. Below are tasks I perform entirely on my second computer. These should not be your main focus, but it sure is nice to earn a few hundred on the side with very little effort while focusing on the real money. Below is a list of the most popular (and easy) to use sites I run on my second computer daily.

BingSearchRewards– $.25

MXMWK– $.40  (Yes, I caved and reloaded this extension! )

SwagBucks Radio Loyalty– $1.20

FusionCash Paid to Click daily advert+Vids- $.25

SwagBucks Encrave Searches, Other Vids $2.50

QuickRewards Videos– $1.50

InboxDollars & SendEarnings Paid Emails/Searches- $.50

GiftHulk Card Guessing, Videos, App Downloads- $.40

LootPalace Videos– $1.00

This is $8.00 a day or $240 in earnings each month- I went out of my way to be extremely conservative and the true number is more like $3-400 monthly. It would hardly be worth spending all day watching videos or doing searches to earn this but doing them off to the side on a second computer takes little to no effort. Of course it goes without saying if you don’t plan on devoting 12 hours a day to this madness? You can pick and choose your tasks. If you have 2 hours each evening, or perhaps just a few hours on the weekend? Always devote your time where the most value is and while doing those tasks? Keep these smaller earners on the side as complimentary to your main focus. Its all about managing your time!


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