They Find Work for You, Then Pay You Damn Well for It. Thanks, InspiredOpinions

By | October 11, 2014

billboardokHere it is, 3:00 am on a Friday night, my drunken neighbors are finally asleep and I’m taking a break to report back from the field about a very interesting and well-paying earning opp.

I stumbled onto a company called InspiredOpinions a little over a month ago while looking to expand my participation in Focus Groups/Market Studies, which are among the most lucrative and rewarding online earning opportunities. (See my earlier post with instructions on how to tap into the sea of greenbacks flowing from Focus Groups/Market Studies.) InspiredOpinions is a Schlesinger Associates online community offering high-paying, high-quality surveys and focus group studies, both online and on location.

After you fill out a short registration survey, InspiredOpinions will look for opportunities that fit your profile, and report back to base. Registration takes about five mins., and within a few days you will receive email notifications with potential opportunities. When I received my first invites, I initially thought the operation was a scam because the payouts seemed quite high. Boy, was I glad to be wrong.

Here’s how it works: you’ll receive an email invite with a brief description of the opportunity. Your opportunity, should you choose to accept it, is a click away. You’ll be presented with a short (1-2 mins.) survey, which will determine if you are a fit for the opportunity. Then, you sit back and wait for the email or call to come in with the good news that you are a match for their client’s needs. It took me until my fifth opportunity to get a callback, and after a four-minute phone call from a professional recruiter, I was penciled in for a noon appointment at a large corporate HQ to test some products. I was paid $150 for my one-hour visit, in the form of a gift card (ahem, which one of you hooligans in the back row just called out, “tax free!”?). Then, three days later another recruiter phoned, and set me up with a one-hour online chat session, during which I helped out a well-known clothing manufacturer. My reward was a check for $50. And some fashion tips. Yet another opportunity followed, and a three-minute phone interview netted me a $15 gift card.

All that sounds pretty good, right? Especially when most of us learned the ropes by working for chump change, getting taken advantage of, etc. But that’s not the best so read on, brothers and sisters.

You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet, Folks

Focus GroupsLast week, I was accepted to yet another in-person focus group through InspiredOpinions. The focus group is an ongoing six-month project that will pay me $25 for each 15-minute weekly visit. It’s like money in the bank, the simplest part-time job on the planet. And the “work” is over so quickly that my car seat is usually still warm when I’m ready to leave. Am I weird for feeling a little like a mob heavy, visiting a local biz in need of my “protection,” and chatting for a bit before collecting my weekly payoff?

I am NOT a huge fan of sites that claim to find work for me. As I mentioned in my earlier posting regarding Focus Groups: It’s very simple and effective to simply go to Craigslist and type in “focus group” or “market study” and find high paying opportunities near home… but folks, InspiredOpinions is beyond impressive. Perhaps I just got lucky, but the bottom line is with little effort, you too can receive email notifications of online/offline work that pays extremely well. They do the work for you and they do it well. These opportunities are high paying by anyone’s standards, coming in at around $75-per-hour. Joining InspiredOpinions is as close to a no-brainer as you can get.

My disclaimer: please note that Inspired Opinions offers no incentive to me for bringing this information to you. I get nothing from it. All I ask in return is that if you have an opportunity to share our site CoolWorkIdeas with others, please do so!


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2 thoughts on “They Find Work for You, Then Pay You Damn Well for It. Thanks, InspiredOpinions

  1. Continuous Cash Ideas

    Inspired Opinions has been good for me in the past but the opportunities have dried up for me over the last several months. Of course, many factors play into this, such as me only being able to do online focus groups because I don’t live close to a facility that I can go into and give my opinions in person. However, I agree with your advice about signing up them. You never know what their clients are looking for. It may be you and you will be paid well for it.

  2. paul Post author

    They haven’t offered me many online opportunities thus far? but the in person studies have been amazing and plentiful to say the least. I didn’t mention that when my car decided to die on me a few weeks back? I had to turn down 2 great opportunities that required me to be on location. I honestly wish I could find an abundance of online focus groups but it seems to be one of the best kept secrets. I just did another with MintVine earlier in the week which paid $30? but in all honesty that was the first one I was offered since praising MintVine with my review a few months back : (

    Lets keep looking.. they are out there somewhere!

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