The Online Earner’s Bible

By | September 20, 2014

Online Earner's BibleRegardless of whether you wish to earn $50-100 or $1000 monthly, I will detail below an honest, no-scam approach that works. This is what I do every day to earn my living. You can do a portion of what I do in a fraction of the time and earn an extra $50-100 each month, or you can go whole-hog like me and make it your main source of income. My usual caveat applies, though: you won’t get rich doing this, and it’s not a source of “easy” money.

However, if you enjoy solitude and not having a boss or rush-hour commute, or if you like feeling independent and a little bit off the grid, then you should give this a try. Casual Fridays to me means wearing my blue slippers and Pink Floyd t-shirt. And I never have to listen to anyone else’s music.

My pledge to you: I will help you avoid scams and time-wasting tasks so that you can begin earning decent cash minutes after reading this.

You Don’t Need Much to Start Out

There are very few honest money-making methods online that are as easy to learn as those I detail here. My shortcuts are also easy to duplicate. The work is mindless: surveys, watching videos, or listening to the radio, and you will have to put in long hours if you wish to make real ($500+ mo.) money. I set up in order to share and exchange ideas daily with people to help maximize what I’m earning. Sifting through the sea of work-at-home sites offering surveys/tasks is best done by a group of people, collaborating.

Read on, you might be surprised how easy it is to make an extra $100 per month. Or even $300. Or, if you are a workaholic like myself: $1500+ can be achieved. The more you wish to earn, the more time you have to put in, and the more careful you must be to cherry-pick the highest earning tasks in order to maximize your earnings.

Main EarnersBig Earners: My Main Guys

If you are in this to make $500 or more a month, your biggest priority is on a daily basis is to secure the big earners. Each morning, my day starts with a visit to Craigslist as I look to see if there are any local focus groups, market studies or product testing projects I can sign up for in my local area. These often offer incredible hourly wages. If you have a car and some extra time, I recommend you jump on these opportunities, as $75 per hour is the going rate. You will be surprised how easy it is to find 2-3 such studies if you are vigilant about checking Craigslist each day. Read my focus group posting for more- Focus and check your listings multiple times per day.


Amazon Mechanical TurkWork Amazon Turk

My second priority is Amazon Turk. For Surveys/Studies and Tasks it doesn’t get any better then Amazon Turk. With a LOT of effort you can earn about $5-6 an hour (although this may seem low, keep in mind that the tasks are insanely easy). If you are out of a job or in desperate need of a solid part time job, Amazon Turk is the closest alternative to an hourly wage.

Unlike most of the earning methods mentioned here on Coolworkideas, Turk does have a small learning curve. Keep in mind that there are 400,000+ available tasks at any given time, so it’s worth the effort if a stay-at-home job is what ye seek, child.

Apps and MoreMultitask with Apps and Other Diversions

 The Amazon Turk and other computer-related work I do keeps me at a computer all day. This is why my next set of tasks compliments this so well and adds about $300 per month to my take-home. All day while I work I have a second computer working and doing various turnkey tasks –such as watching videos and listening to the radio. I have an old iPhone which I use to run applications that pay me. Swagbucks  provides me endless videos, while on other days I use Zoombucks for videos, and yet other days it’s GiftHulk or LootPalace. The pay is extremely low but remember: most of the tasks are auto-earning, incrementally adding cash while my attention is focused on other work.

Run Apps While You Naps

Applications for smart phone such as SwagbucksTV, PerkTV, or even newcomers like AppTrailers or Instant Cash Rewards all run effortlessly while I’m doing my work. When I need a break, they entertain me with endless videos on a myriad of subjects. I also get paid to listen to the radio: ClixSense, LootPalance, InboxDollars, and SendEarnings all offer radio loyalty programs. Listen all day and get paid all day. I average about $300 monthly for this type of work, and that’s on top of what I’m earning while simultaneously earning via Amazon Turk.

But why stop there? This next and last method of extracting cash can be applied in many different ways. If you want to earn an extra $100 per month with a few hours of work on the weekend, or if you wish to make it part of your routine each day with potential to earn $300 per month, then read on.

There are dozens of reputable survey/GPT sites that cost you nothing to join. As I have written many times on this blog since day one: the biggest “scam” is that it’s easy to get lost in the process and spend hours making pennies. Instead, here’s what I do to avoid wasting time: Each morning and evening, I have 15 sites that I visit. At each site, I perform a small list of tasks (some paying as little as .25). To help me work efficiently, I keep a checklist.

Some examples: SwagBucks has a daily voting poll/Noso (Noso = ads), and they also offer special videos each day. MintVine offers a daily, one-question survey that takes 5 seconds to complete. FusionCash has a daily ad click which earns you .2 -.25. If you do nothing more then visit these sites once per day and perform a few quick and easy tasks, you can easily earn an extra $50-75 a month.

With just a little more time and effort, you can grow that by a few hundred.

Here’s a sample checklist for your daily check-ins:

  • Log in to earn each site (some will pay you just for checking in)
  • Take a quick look around at the daily check-in offers. Anything look simple and fast? If you make .08 for checking in at MintVine, see if there are any $1-3 surveys available. At GiftHulk, take a quick look at the main menu for offers, apps that you are paid to download, etc. Grab the best. Bing Rewards pays you to search, InboxDollars and SendEarning pay you to search and read emails.
  • Stop in and do some searches and see if these sites have any surveys or offers on a given day. They’ll have plenty!
  • Press a few buttons to make a quick dime and see if the site has anything of real value that day, since every day the offers change.

My goal each morning and night is to earn an extra $5-10 just by visiting these sites and snagging the daily check-in offers as well as fatter daily offers/specials.

Subscribe!Your Surest Way To Earn at the Highest Levels

I’m not being arrogant by stating that the single most important step you can take to earn online at the highest levels is to subscribe to my updates. This isn’t as arrogant as it sounds, since we all share info here and much of what I report back through my blog comes from you, my readers.

Every week I will post new ideas, cherrypicking the most lucrative, constantly striving for an edge, looking for the simplest and most rewarding tasks. I also encourage (no, beg!) you to share ideas in the Comments area.

Once upon a time I was a successful stock trader. Those days ended when AIG and banks blew up and the Federal Reserve started printing fun money, essentially putting our economy on life support and taking away what was left of a free market. America is 18 trillion in debt and counting. Everyone is lulled into a false sense of security as their 401k plans continue to have stellar returns. What’s happening on Main St. is not the same as what’s on Wall St. and TV programs and economic reports. There will be a monstrous hangover that will last decades as your children’s children pay back that 18 trillion. I don’t earn what I once did, but I can assure you I have zero stress and my job couldn’t be simpler. Learn to work and hustle now because you never know when things can change for you. Companies are hungry for online workers and this industry is growing quickly, there is a LOT of opportunity out there. Some tough times are coming for the world. Learn to be wise and get hungry for money. It’s a valuable tool. I earn an honest living and I am proud of what I do. I hope some of you follow, it’s there for the taking.

Don’t forget to visit my new Focus Groups & Market Research forum. There are just too many studies to put out a blog post each time I find them so I will now start listing them daily in this database so don’t forget to bookmark the direct link and check several times a week.

6 thoughts on “The Online Earner’s Bible

  1. Linda

    Everyone can use extra money in their pockets and this website offers very sound advise. I check in with this website quite regularly and has helped me to put away extra cash each month. Thanks Paul!

  2. Kay Myers

    Hey Paul,
    Love this Online Earners Bible.

    Seems like you do some of the same sites I do but several I had not heard about.
    Bing is painfully slow at only 15 searches a day but I keep plugging away.
    I also do Swagbucks, Points2Shop, FusionCash, Inbox Dollars, Perk TV, and a few other apps that I do on my tablet not my phone. ( I don’t like filling my phone up with stuff) If my tablet allows the app or site I am tickled pink– if not then I just find other apps or sites.

    My biggest deal is that I do not like listening to the radio for half an hour for and only getting 1 or 2 points. At that rate it would take me forever and a day to earn anything. Also… a lot of the radio loyalty programs require you to constantly enter info in– so that they know you are not just turning it on and walking away for 5 hours. So I am not sure how you are doing radio loyalty during a nap or while you do other stuff. You MUST tell me your secret. Some of the sites I am using it will take me 3 months just to get enough to cash out at $20 or $30. For me… any extra cash or gift cards are great due to being on social security. But I would really like to make about $500 or more a month so that I can buy myself nicer things and pay for Christmas things. If you knew what a person has to live on for social security income you would seriously spit milk out your nose. It is beyond pitiful!
    We should share ideas for sure. Email me anytime. And if you get your chatroom set up I will come around. I am on my computer pretty much 24/7.

    1. paul Post author

      Heather- I finally finished compiling a working list of sites I currently use aggressively. Should be posted in a few days so hang in there!!!

      Lets make this a great 2015 : )

  3. Kerry

    Thank you…Thank you. Focus groups, product test, taste test… I would make close to 12k for the yr. Sometimes over… the months when things get slowed up I still make money with Amazon gift cards doing surveys online little $3 or $2 or $0.75 and the other month i makeup for the slow periods…

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