The Hidden Value of MintVine (hint: it ain’t surveys)

By | July 26, 2014

MintVineHappy Saturday morning, folks. Anyone else out there awake at 4am, taking surveys like me? I love this time of day, everyone else is asleep while I have my string lights illuminating the room, headphones on listening to Stan Getz, and earning.

After my write-up on Amazon Turk, I think the word is out that I am not a fan of the average survey site. Soon, I plan on putting together a comprehensive review of all the survey sites I sampled. It will be quite an undertaking, as I’ve tried ‘em all. Before I document everything and let you know which ones are worthwhile and which (most) will waste your time, I thought I’d start the weekend off on a good note by sharing a small, relatively new survey site that I have a crush on: MintVine.

I joined MintVine about five months ago, with low expectations, but being the workaholic, obsessive nut I am, I never turn down an invitation to try a new opportunity to earn. As with most survey sites, during registration you immediately fill out the starter profiles, and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount MintVine paid me for setting up these initial profiles. The following week, I received a few small survey invites and quickly racked up a few quick, 15 to 30-minute surveys, for a dollar or two. MintVine has a $10 limit and I reached it within a week. Great so far, I thought. Now, let’s cash out and see how they handle the next step: getting me my cash.

The next day, my funds were in my PayPal account.  I was impressed.  Yet… I already had my favorite survey sites and my time was maxed out, did I really need another site that offered $1-$2 surveys? Sure, they have a unique format, and they even pay you for your time when you receive the inevitable rejections, but I simply didn’t have time to devote to another site.

How I Discovered the True Value of MintVine
Over the next three months, I treated MintVine like a distant friend, only using the service if I received an invite in my Inbox on a Sunday – when even Amazon Turk is slow. That’s how I discovered the true value to Mintvine: Approximately 2-3 times per month, MintVine offers the crown jewel of survey sites: In-Home Product Testing, and various Focus Groups and Market Research Studies. In other words, an hourly earning rate of $25-$50. Disclaimer: Unfortunately, when you participate in a focus group or in-home research study through MintVine, you agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which limits what I can say. As much as I’d like to share screenshots or details about these studies, I can’t. But suffice to say; recently, I was paid $35 for a 45-minute study to discuss a well-known restaurant chain’s plan to add new menu items.  And just the other day I took a study on one of my favorite subjects: alcohol!

Bottom Line: MintVine gets my top endorsement. I receive about five invitations per week, usually for small surveys paying between $1-$3, sometimes less, sometimes more. The survey topics are unique and sometimes fun. However, it’s the higher paying in-home product testing and focus group offers that really makes MintVine shine, and every month I receive several such opportunities. There are not many sites that offer these lucrative opportunities, let alone on such a consistent basis. I recommend joining MintVine while they are still accepting new accounts, because I suspect the registration doors will be closed, soon. Don’t believe me? As an example: two comparable sites to MintVine are Pinecone Research and Darwin’s Data. It took me seven months to get accepted to Pinecone. And I never got into Darwin’s Data, each time the response was the same: “Sorry, we are not accepting new members.”

This is where you want to be folks: Join MintVine.

Upcoming, or When I Get My Act Together
Very quickly: there are a few other sites that I will be talking quite a bit about in the future:  FusionCash and ClixSense. These sites are not as cut and dry. They are GPT sites which are notorious for wasting our time, but good things are possible if you tread carefully. If you join these sites ahead of my report, feel free to ask me questions I’ll help you work your way through the maze.

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7 thoughts on “The Hidden Value of MintVine (hint: it ain’t surveys)

      1. paul2015 Post author

        Ralph if you log into Mintvine? On the top of the page on the left hand side you’ll see the title ‘Current Points’ and under that it shows how many points are approved and how many are pending. When you do a survey with Mintvine the points are initially pending for a week or two. This is to prevent fraud and once they are approved you’ll see them under the green bar that says approved. Once the approved number reaches 1000 which is equal to $10 the REDEEM tab appears in red and you are allowed to request a payment. It generally takes about 3-4 days before they process the payment.

        Look to make sure he has 1000 under the approved tab. That is probably the problem is the points aren’t approved entirely yet. Let me know if you need further help.

    1. Paul Post author

      Thanks Eric- I keep forgetting that they have that forum. I was actually honored a few months back they actually shared this blog post in their forum. What a cool endorsement : )

  1. Amy

    This is definitely the best survey site I’ve come across. Low threshold for payout and never have had a “glitch” of completed surveys not paying out (some other sites I have, even after successful completion). It is also easy to maneuver and has better payouts (higher monies paid per survey) then lots of other sites I’ve seen, while having lots of surveys to make it to payout (I’ve been on other survey sites with good payouts, but rarely there are surveys and I’ve never received a payout). Definitely the best survey site in my opinion. Feel free to access my link for referral and thank you! 🙂

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