Swagbucks Radio Loyalty

By | September 24, 2014

I just discovered that Swagbucks offers $.05 for every 30 minutes using Radio Loyalty. This is double what I have seen anywhere else. I know its not a huge earner, but it virtually runs itself all day and is well worth it if you are at the screen  to fill in the captcha every 30 minutes. You can find the Radio Loyalty option on the main SwagBucks menu under the Discover tab/Special offers.

Thank you Karen for sharing this tidbit with me!  This is why I set this blog up in the first place. Excellent find!!!

6 thoughts on “Swagbucks Radio Loyalty

  1. Ashley

    Keep an eye on the timer because the captcha doesn’t always pop up. It was working ok yesterday morning but yesterday afternoon I had it playing for more than an hour and the captcha never popped up. The same thing is happening this morning. By watching the timer you can move on to something else that will make money if Radio Loyalty isn’t working.

  2. paul Post author

    Thanks Ashley! I find Radio Loyalty can be somewhat buggy. Usually if the captcha stops coming up ill reload the entire page and that resolves it some of the time. Another thing I noticed? if I fail to enter the captcha fast enough? It vanishes but then returns in about under 5 minutes. There are weeks where I shut it down because it annoys me too much : )

    I do like this double payout with Swagbucks.. I always overlook Swag because its so huge and confusing but the more I dig? the more I realize they are the leader for a reason.. Just on videos alone I’m doing $100 a month which is incredible for this line of work!

  3. Leonard

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  4. paul Post author

    Update on Swagbucks- it seems they do a lot of flip flopping. Radio Loyalty is now down to $.02

    Cant seem to find any rhyme or reason why it fluctuates so for now I am back to using Clixsense : (

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