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By | April 25, 2015

Hey Everyone! Long winded post here but some good bits of information if you have the time. I know lately I have been focusing heavily on higher paying opportunities such as research panels, focus groups and  survey invites, but I doubt ill ever stop looking for a few extra dollars on the lesser paying task sites like SwagBucks. That said, I wanted to share an interesting observation I made regarding the Encrave Videos on SwagBucks.  The last few months they have been somewhat hit or miss for me and very frustrating trying to make consistent money. I run the Encrave videos and Radio Loyalty all day on a separate computer while working more profitable tasks on my primary system. I have come to expect the $125-150 I earn from SwagBucks each month but lately thanks to low Encrave availability that number has been more like a struggle to hit $75. A few weeks ago when the Encraves vanished? I decided to try a different browser.  Duh.. Suddenly I was back to having unlimited supply. Mind you I tried clearing the cookies and such months before but that didn’t help however switching to Google Chrome seems to have afforded me unlimited videos again. Did everyone already know this trick? Its worth taking note that whether its Surveys, Radio Loyalty or assorted other tasks always remember to try a different browser when you have issues I just didn’t think the video offers would react to a different browser. Live and learn I suppose. I’m kicking myself because I didn’t try this sooner. Incidentally regarding the money I  make with SwagBucks its worth  mentioning that unlike most people? I am at my desk quite literally all day so the $150 I earn really isn’t much to be proud of given the sheer amount of time I put into it but hey, it doesn’t get any easier then listening to Radio Loyalty or watching Encrave videos to earn a Cnote+ each month. If anyone needs help earning on SwagBucks feel free to bring it up on our Reddit Thread and Id be happy to share some tips. Don’t forget SwagBucks pays $.10 an hour for Radio Loyalty, the highest any site pays and its been working flawlessly. Yeah, I had to jinx it like that : )

Since I am mentioning Videos, don’t forget LootPalace! If you are into earning with videos they typically have the highest payout. This does fluctuate week to week based on supply. If you are up late at night however LootPalace renews all their videos at 12am Eastern and you could literally spend hours making a few dollars earning $.02-.03 a video. ZoomBucks also renews at 12am fwiw.

Ever hear of Jamba Juice? If you have a location near you they offer a research panel that pays for online and sometimes onsite market research. Why not?  Just thought id throw this in here randomly after stumbling on it this week 🙂


This week I also signed up for SIS International Marketing. Yet another market research firm that looks like it has some great potential. FocusGroup.com same thing. I like mentioning these as I join? but honestly you can save yourself time and effort and just wait for me to do updates when they actually offer work and start paying off! but I like giving a heads up for anyone that’s eager to jump on it with me and be the test rats. In all honesty though a lot of these I join and never hear a peep from but I promise I will always update when a site shows me the money. Remember- this blog is somewhat of a diary/journal for me and helps me keep track of all this insanity.

Cashing out of SendEarnings later this week. I know these are not huge earners but as much as everyone thinks they are a scam? I still swear if you approach SendEarnings and InboxDollars carefully and maybe spend 15 minutes a week you will reach that $30 cash out a few times a year. Just a reminder- they offer a $5 signup bonus. I do the paid emails and paid searches a few times a week? and I only attempt larger survey invites. Maybe 1-2 times a month I will visit the sites to look for a few offers. The real trick with them is not to waste your time, just earn a few pennies with maybe 1-2 larger survey invites a month. Also a good idea to set up a second email account so you can apply for offers without cluttering your main mailbox with junk mail in fact most sites encourage you to do this. Its worth mentioning fwiw that last month between the 2 sites I earned about $1.40 in total referral rewards. I don’t mention that to get pity but rather to make it clear that what I earn on these two somewhat ‘questionable’ sites is in fact real earnings. See an early posting for more tips on these 2.

One last site for the true penny pinchers like me? I just joined YouRoMail which is a site that pays you to read emails. Its very poor pay but they send quite a bit of email and it takes 25 seconds to receive credit. Like I keep saying, I will try anything and although I am concentrating heavy on the real earners I don’t ever want to stop picking up pennies wherever I see them. Ill update how I make out with this cheapo venture in a few months. Not expecting much but its the mindless simplicity that attracts me : )

speaking of referral rewards.. I do want to thank many of you for following me onto Fusion Cash. These folks pay $1 for each invite and a one time $2 when you complete your first offer. Its nice seeing a few extra bucks each month but even better still? when you cash out? I receive a $5 bonus and this month quite a few blog subscribers cashed out of FusionCash. This is welcome cash and I thank everyone for using my referral but its also great to see people are in fact earning with the site. It can be a bit tricky at times and I HATE wasting 10 minutes on a survey and then getting rejected? but Fusion is a good earner if you can accept the occasional headaches and rude customer support. Always keep in mind that the Reddit thread is there for sharing and asking questions so don’t hesitated to start a discussion about a site if you need help. I believe most of these sites are purposely designed to make it tricky so you spend massive amounts of time sifting through all the junk to get to the quality.

As I was writing this post I just received an invite from MintVine. Paid $5 for about 1/2 hour work and the survey was a Pilot for an upcoming TV show. Cant share any more details beyond that unfortunately, but I actually would have done that study for free it was so cool. VERY cool. MintVine is one of the few panels I still use and there is your reason why. Been a while since they sent me an online market study but hopefully those will come again.

Whoops one last thing to mention. We are starting to see information overload on my blog so I promise every few months starting hopefully later this week? I am going to create a post that stays at the top of the blog as a featured post which can be used as a quick guide for valuable info. Cant believe how much time has passed but some quality information is getting lost in all these pages. Need to start managing all of this better.






8 thoughts on “SwagBucks & More…

  1. Patience

    Wanted to let you know that I took your advice and got a second computer at the beginning of this month. I have already earned over $200 more than last month so you are right that a second computer will pay for itself quickly. I have found that on some sites offers and tasks will credit more easily on my second computer than on my primary one. I never could get very far with instaGC until I switched which computer I was using. So in addition to switching browsers, I would definitely recommend trying a second computer if you are having trouble with a site. The interesting thing is that both are running the most recent version of Windows but they have different chips in them – the new one has a chip that is better for graphics and that seems to make a difference.

  2. paul2015 Post author

    Great to hear Patience!!! If you ever get some free time? Id love to hear some ideas on InstaGC. I used them in the past but finally just moved to others because I couldnt get much going. They always paid on time and the chat was really cool too. Make sure you put radio loyalty on each morning- that really adds up if you stay with it each day but its a huge resource hog so excellent for 2nd computer.

    1. Patience

      What I like about instaGC is that they have a wide variety of rewards and you get them instantly – they make Opinion Outpost look slow! For me it kind of serves as a piggy bank that I can “break” when my teen comes home from school and says “Mom I need a new xyz tomorrow.” What has worked best for me is watching the offers that are crediting for other users and doing those, watching selected videos, doing the clicks and doing certain daily surveys such as the Livesample I and II which each pay $1.05. By doing those I can often make $1-$4 a day depending on how much time I put in and survey availability. It isn’t one of my top sites but I do try to make some time for it most days. I added it and Zoombucks at about the same time and I’ve earned twice as much on instaGC as on Zoombucks. (But neither compares to Swagbucks or the big survey sites.)

      One thing that is different is that instaGC allows you to use multiple email addresses for completing offers and that they don’t need to match your primary email address. Since I’ve switched to doing instaGC on my new computer, I’m having a lot of success getting offers to credit – even offers that I could never get to credit on Swagbucks. Now the downside is that at certain times there do seem to be site issue and in chat you’ll see that everyone is having trouble getting offers to credit. So if you do a couple small ones and they don’t credit – walk away for a few hours. Another negative is that doing an offer worth more than $2.25 will result in those points being frozen for up to 14 days.

      Hope that is helpful!

      1. paul2015 Post author

        Huge thanks for that! Wow, I had no idea they allowed the multiple emails? That can be a huge benefit. Fusion Cash has tons of offers but they literally go back and deduct the credit if you use multiple emails or if any information is slightly off. I have to blow the dust off some of these old sites I haven’t visited in a while because I am certainly missing some opportunities. Funny last evening I went to Cashcrate and was having a look around.. What the heck happened to that site? Its all show and no go.. would love someone to explain to me why that site is still up and running and if there is any way to actually make money? To be honest what kills me is I have $10 in the account..and I just cant stop going back looking for some way to easily raise $10 so I can cash it out. I am a true penny pincher and that $10 is mocking me : ) I was going to just do it with Radio Loyalty but I noticed they even took that away..

        its sad but so many of these sites are nothing but referral based.. So you are hard pressed to find any negative comments about them because everyone is too busy kissing butt trying to get referrals they wont dare tell the truth. I still laugh how it took me almost 6 intense months of working these sites before I first saw those beautiful words ‘Amazon Turk’… If there isn’t referral bucks involved nobody wastes time talking about it. Sad but true..

        1. Patience

          I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who can’t figure out how to make any money with Cash Crate! You are so right about the positive reviews for the sake of referrals and sometimes it is bloggers with large followings who are promoting these crappy (opps I mean low earning) sites so they can get more referrals. I’ll pretty much sign up with any site if another site is offering points for doing so and it can be hard to figure out if they are worth doing much on. Other than your blog, the other good sources of information that I’ve found are Reddit and the forums on the Survey Police website. If a site is worthless, generally others on that forum will have posted about it.

  3. Joan

    Paul, have you been able to determine why Swagbucks Encraves no longer worked in your original browser? The Encraves have disappeared on my Windows 7 computer when using Mozilla. They do show up and work when I use Internet Explorer (which I don’t like to use) on that computer. Interestingly, when I use my old XP computer, the Encraves show up using Mozilla. I compared Mozilla’s settings on both computers, and they were the same. I reported the issue to Swagbucks and have been told the issue has been referred to the technology department and they are looking into it.

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Frustrating isn’t it??? and I hate to say this but when Swagbucks tells you they forwarded it to the technology dept that basically means forget about it. I have a funny (or maybe just paranoid) feeling that they are somehow intentionally blocking us because we watch too much video.. but not really sure how they could do that and why another browser would resolve the problem. Maybe we can throw this discussion onto the Reddit thread and see if any techies are lurking? its frustrating.. One thing seems clear- its the Mozilla browser that seems to be where the issue is. I switched to Chrome and that has been working without fail but funny too I kept getting errors on the Radio Loyalty using Chrome? So now I have to start my day by opening Firefox/Mozilla for Radio Loyalty because it doesn’t crash with that browser? and then open Chrome for the Encraves. I hate computers.. I sincerely do.. its like a never ending riddle.. or a bad joke : )

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