Swagbucks Encrave, Loot Palace, Zoombucks Video Shortage

By | January 3, 2015

Where are the Encraves SwagBucks!

This makes 4 mornings in a row SwagBucks has no supply of Encrave Videos. Actually a few times during the last 4 days they did offer 1-2 but once you viewed them they never replenished. I earn about $150 a month on Swag Encraves and the last 6 months videos have been abundant on all sites I forgot what its like when there’s a drought. Although they aren’t huge earners? Videos have become such a daily ritual for me its hard not to feel jaded. Hope they replenish soon- there have been times the shortages lasted 2-3 weeks : (

LootPalace which usually bucks the trend has nothing. Zoombucks ditto.. QuickRewards on the other hand offers a unique selection and its business as usual with them thank goodness. Its also worth mentioning if your really desperate?  GiftHulk, Swagbucks and Zoombucks offer a “TV” platform which is still available however the payout is extremely low I really wouldn’t recommend  wasting the time. Lets hope things kick into action next week- we are off to a really slow start for 2015 : (






4 thoughts on “Swagbucks Encrave, Loot Palace, Zoombucks Video Shortage

  1. Greg Jones

    “Lets hope things kick into action next week- we are off to a really slow start for 2015 : (”
    You aren’t alone!! Oh, well. I welcome the break. All it means is some great gear will show up on eBay!!! Always happens when the money train jumps the tracks. I did manage to swing a new $150 bike jacket for $65!! Let it rain, I’m flying second class now…..beats hangin’ off the ladder on the last boxcar!!

    aka mandowhacker

  2. paulann2015 Post author

    Too funny.. Speaking of looking for deals? My Sister who lives in NY screwed up the lock on Her bike so its been stuck there for about a month chained to a traffic pole. I was stunned at what a bike costs these days- what the heck?? We started looking on Craigslist and even rusty old beaters from 1970s were selling for $1-200 absolutely insane prices. Finally someone in our family wised up and called the fire debt and they came out and removed the broken lock.

    Of course the real kicker was.. Now we need to buy Her a new lock? Needs to be NY certified and the cost is about $90. Sure is getting expensive to live in this world

  3. paulann2015 Post author

    MintVine came through for me this weekend thankfully…
    Turk should be slightly back up to speed this week I hope. Swag Still no Encraves 🙁

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