SwagBucks – Earn Double SB On Encrave

By | June 29, 2015

Good morning folks! Sorry to send out so many emails the last few days? but a wonderful person shared this heads up earlier today and for anyone that earns daily with SwagBucks? This is HUGE news and certainly warrants sending out an immediate heads up.

Hey Swaggernauts, we have some bad news. Our team member in charge of ordering SB accidentally missed a decimal point on the order form. We’re standing around here at Swagbucks HQ waist-deep in SB. We can’t reach our desks, the doors are barricaded shut and, worst of all, it is totally hindering my ability to have my morning bowl of cereal in peace. We’ve already received strict orders from our higher ups to clear out as many of the SB as possible so here goes nothing:


Starting Monday, June 29th 12am PDT/3am EDT through June 30th 11:59pm PDT/July 1st 2:59am EDT all of the SB you earn with Encrave, Engage and Daily Crave will be DOUBLED! Remember that Encrave, Engage or Daily Crave activity you completed this morning for 1 SB? Well on Monday and Tuesday next week that same activity will be worth 2 SB! Sorry Swaggernauts, I know you all know your multiplication tables but I’m just so excited to clear out all this extra SB lying around.

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