SurveySavvy Probably Worth Joining

By | September 10, 2014

I joined SurveySavvy well over a year ago. Occasionally Ill get email invites but overall its a very boring/lackluster Survey Panel.  I kept my account with them simply because the few studies I received? All took 5-15 minutes to complete and the pay was generally $1-3. Well worth the hourly rate.

Yesterday my patience was rewarded and I was approved for a 5 minute study that paid me $20.00 and couldn’t have been easier!  I decided to make a mention of this because there are quite a few panels where the opportunities are very limited?   but what is the harm in keeping an open account with them especially if the pay rate far exceeds others?  Up to this point I probably withdrew no more then $50 from the panel over the entire year but like I said- its well worth it given how simple and painless the surveys are. I LOVE sites that don’t have cash out limits…

Just an additional note?  They currently are offering a PC/Smartphone software add on that monitors your internet usage for several weeks. I really have no fear of these despite being somewhat intrusive? but its worth noting I tried to download the software and had multiple problems so I had to abort.  I may try it again this weekend as the reward is $60 which I sure could use  : )(


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