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By | February 29, 2016

Hello Folks!!! Extremely busy over here so going to make this short and sweet but this is very exciting news. I am extremely happy to share this new blog feature with everyone!

Finally after months of struggling I have finally figure out how to set up an email alert program for posts made in the Forums. Up until now the only email alerts I was able to send out had to be actual blog posts. Essentially this means that if you want to make money doing higher paying focus groups and research studies? Simply take 2-3 minutes to sign up for the alerts via the forums and every time a new study is posted you will receive an alert via email.

As most of you already know, this is where you can make some really nice hourly earnings and the best part is? This forum has grown considerably over the last few months, so quite a few people are contributing and literally every day of the week there are multiple opportunities to try for.

OK so real quick- this should only take you a few minutes and immediately you will receive an alert every time a new study is posted. I hope this motivates folks to join in but regardless, this is going to literally deliver dozens of research studies right to your email inbox. You absolutely have to do this and of course you can easily unsubscribe if you decide its not for you but I highly recommend trying it! And yes, its free 🙂

Right Click on this ‘Forums‘ link and select the first option ‘Open link in new tab’ so you can keep this page with the instructions open while accessing the forums.

Scroll to the top of the message exchanges where you see the titles:  Posts / Freshness and you should see 3 blue tabs labeled Log In / Register / Lost Password

Click ‘Register‘ and choose an Alias and a Password

Once you confirm your email? come back to the forum and you should see the following:

Home > Forums > Current Opportunities (Updated Daily) Subscribe

Press the ‘Subscribe’ tab and that’s it! You are now set up to receive email alerts for all new studies posted in the group. I tried for quite some time to make this happen and cannot tell you how pleased I am to share this new feature with everyone. Good luck!!!

12 thoughts on “Subscribe To Forum Posts

  1. Paul Post author

    Whoops- after I sent it I realized it wouldn’t open in a new tab. Sorry Bayoubabe- refresh the page. I just updated the post. You just have to ‘right click’ your mouse on the blue ‘forums’ link and select to have it open in another tab. This will allow you to stay on the blog post with the instructions and have the forums in another tab 🙂

  2. SweetMamaKaty

    I’m having some trouble. I clicked register, and it had me enter a user name and email address, but I never got any email to click. Now when I try to register, it says the email address is already taken, but it won’t let me log in with my user name/password either. Any ideas?

  3. Theresa

    I registered but did not get a conformation email and when I went back to register I get that message that my user name and password are already being used. I never did make a password as I did not get the conformation email. Can you help?

    1. Paul Post author

      Hey gang- well.. I was up real late last night thinking about this- and woke up in a funk about it and decided ya know what? WordPress (the blog software) is making this all too damn difficult.. Its like I have to ask people to jump through hoops just to subscribe to email notifications its ridiculous and after all of that? Half the emails don’t even make it to people or they are delayed by 2-3 hours. The kicker here is? I struggled for over 4 months trying to add this feature and now that I sorta have it? I don’t like it.. At all..

      So I am going to scrap it and make it MUCH easier for people. I am going to simply create a group email list OR if everyone wants I can do it via tweets all day or facebook- I just have to know if enough people use the social media to make it effective for the majority. Even if the subscribe worked flawlessly and was easy? I still don’t think it makes sense to get every single message posted in the forum. People just want the quality studies. I want the forum to be open to everyone to post whatever they want but I also think people will be turned off if they start getting tons of posts that really will just amount to tons of spam.

      Give me a few days- but I think this settles in. I just need everyones opinions on which way to go.. Is Twitter ok? Facebook? or do I need a group email?

      Just so funny I put so much effort into this and final got it started and it turns out its just not worth it. but hey, might as well be honest and get it right now. Ok to admit failure as long as you cut the loses quickly 🙂

  4. Paul Post author

    Facebook, Twitter.. you folks decide.. or do I need a group email?

    All of these will be much more effective and very easy for me to do.. Sorry I wasted everyones time- but lets cut it and do it the right way 🙂

  5. SweetMamaKaty

    Not a waste of time at all, we’re learning too!

    My vote is for email, just because I don’t have FB or Twitter… but I’m sure most everyone else does have. 🙂

  6. lv2ck

    Posted this originally in the wrong place.

    I don’t use Facebook or Twitter, so they wouldn’t work for me.

    Group e-mail would be good. But you have to be careful of that. I am the e-mail person for a group I belong to, and some people weren’t getting the e-mails when I sent out an e-mail to the entire group. I found sending the e-mails out to a smaller number of recipients worked.

    Have you stopped the sending out of e-mails when something is posted? I haven’t gotten any since last night. Prior to that, it was working well.


    1. Paul Post author

      Katy- I think your right.. a group email. I still hate social media I gotta be honest and then of course people will have to visit the sites just to retrieve them- its great for some but not for everyone.

      and of course Joan- just before reading what you wrote? I found out that reality of limits and being labeled spam hehehe. Good lord.. but I think a group email is the way to go? Not going to get off that easy and just throw it out in a tweet 🙁 so this week Ill look into the services. I think Mail Chimp actually offers a free service with some limits so gotta dig around..

      I think even the folks that would love it if I use twitter or facebook would have absolutely no problem with a group email either. So funny I saw all these names I never saw before signing up without a hassle and then sure enough all my core members were the ones getting hit with the problems. Well, actually I myself only get 1/2 the emails and those lag sometimes by an hour. An absolute joke for the effort involved. God life is like a never ending learning process its quite funny 🙂

      Ok I have to get back to some Mturk here so I can pay the bills.. but letsee what anyone else thinks but its pretty clear that a group email will be ideal.. I want this to work so its going to. Its just too important.


  7. Mariah

    It seems like you’ve already made up your mind, but I’ll throw in my vote for email as well Paul. I have Facebook, but email notifications pop up on my phone whereas I’d have to actively search out Facebook.

  8. Jennifer

    I like the email idea, but I tried to sign up last night and never got the original email it told me it was sending. I don’t mind getting emails every time there’s a post. I don’t use Twitter, but I use Facebook. I’m just not on Facebook like I am my email.

    1. Paul Post author

      I honestly wish I could just send out a blog post 1-2 times a day but the problem with that is it would really look messy for anyone that comes to the blog and searches the other material thats accumulated.. Even if I delete the messages after a few days. There ARE a lot of folks that don’t want the daily updates so what I think ill do is put out a blog post each week which recaps all the studies and other good tid bits that accumulate during the week? but then have a daily email list for more of the core group and serious folks which I can send out maybe 2-3 emails a day when there are studies that I screen out and know they are quality. Although its really nice to get a message the second its shared? I have to stop thinking like a stock trader and realize that its VERY rare for a study to be posted and then after 1 hour you get a message saying ‘sorry, all filled!’ so if I create a group mail with Mailchimp? Sending out a few emails each day will work just fine for everyone. I remember back in another life when I was trading stocks I was paying about $700 a month for a daily stock picking service and if there was even a 5 minute delay in getting your email? forget it- the opportunity was lost.. So I keep thinking that way- old habits die hard hehe..

      Of course there is one fly in the ointment on mail chimp.. They require that I put my home address on each email that goes out. Cute eh? but again- just being honest? you core folks know I have a blabber mouth and I like to make very personal posts about moving to a cottage or my Feline baby is doing this or that.. The beauty of being broke is there really isn’t anything to lose so the worse that happens is someone shows up at my door to beat me up for something I posted and if a person really hates me that much I probably would WANT them to stop over so pfft who cares.. A good punch in the face might do me some good 🙂 🙂

      So that seems like the plan. Ill put out a weekly newsletter on the blog summarizing everything, maybe some weeks Ill do it twice if there is something to share.. but then ill create a core group email which will go out a few times a day. I think this will help a lot of folks. I am particularly trying to cater to the people that share a lot. That is what hurt the most with all of this- it was as if a few dozen of my best subscribers got cheated out of this deal- almost uncanny.. but life is funny that way.

      Ill put out yet another blog post later this week or weekend when I get the mailchimp all worked out.. This should work out really well.. :)_

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