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By | April 19, 2016

Recently I found an invite on Craigslist to join this research lab. It starts to get real confusing because there are multiple labs in the same University and also it seems every university uses a similar platform. I signed up 2 weeks ago and finally this morning I received my login information. Happy to report that it is in fact another paid University research platform very similar to the one many of us use already, The GSB Behavioral Lab.

I highly recommend you join both of these. You wont receive a tremendous amount of invites which is unfortunate, but when you do? They are extremely interesting, easy, and the pay typically is about $3 for 10 minutes work. They email you invites so you don’t have to keep checking the site and whats even nicer is you don’t have to take the study immediately after receiving the email. They have time slots you choose and they give you a few days to complete it. Payment is always within a week and the few times I had issues it was VERY easy to communicate with the researchers and have it resolved.

To join the Social Research Lab simply sign up HERE and within a few weeks you will receive a login and password.


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8 thoughts on “Stanford University Social Research Lab

  1. nikki

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for all your hard work finding these opportunities.
    Do you know of any opportunities in Canada?

    1. Paul Post author

      Hi Nikki! Thanks for the comments and I owe you a HUGE apology too! I have been focusing so much on the forum and the Facebook group and didn’t notice you had written me a comment a few days ago under the ‘about’ article. Hate when I do that : (

      There are quite a few sites that you can access from Canada but the bad news is that some of the best ones are restricted just to the United States which I never did understand. I am not sure if works in Canada so you may want to try that but I know Amazon Turk doesn’t. Most of the GPT sites like Fusion Cash and Swag work in Canada but unfortunately those are only really good for earning some extra pocket change. What I would recommend is do some Google searching for Universities in Canada because I do recall when I was searching for paid university studies that I ran into quite a few that were Canada only. Ironically I was mad because the shoe was on the other foot now and I was told ‘sorry, we don’t support the USA!’ .

      Another thought would be to search Craigslist for ‘Paid Online Studies’ or ‘Online Studies’. I see quite a few studies that are posted on the Search All Craigslist site which are for Canada. A lot of the online studies I find also seem to include Canada but it is going to be a little more of a hassle for you because every study you want to participate in you will have to double check to make sure they are not restricted. Wish I had a better answer. Are you on Facebook? Just last week I started a group and if you want to stop over it will probably help to ask folks there and get the input from a few more heads aside from myself for a better answer. We are a small group over there right now but the people that make up that group are EXTREMELY helpful and ‘cool’ for lack of a better word so it will certainly help.

      I love Canada so it hurts to see you excluded. Back in the 1970s half of my family moved there and never came back!!! We vacationed a lot there while I was growing up and I always keep in the back of my mind that if things keep going the way they are here in the states that I may just join the rest of our clan up there.. but please- checkout the group and maybe someone has better answers!

      1. nikki

        Thank you so much for the detailed response! And thanks again for running such a great and useful site.

      2. nikki

        Do you have any examples of ones you have found in Canada? I am having a lot of trouble finding anything unfortunately.

    1. Paul Post author

      Hi Jennifer! It was working this morning so I have to assume maybe they are having issues on their end. Seems to be the theme of my day! bum links, bad links etc etc. Try it a little bit later- I am sure it will work. Maybe we maxed them out! but let me know tomorrow if it doesn’t work and ill write them a message or see if they can give me another link. Funny how nothing is ever easy :()

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