Some New Market Research Firms To Subscribe To :)

By | September 8, 2015

Hi Folks! Hope this message finds everyone doing well and rested up for the busy season which hopefully is starting now! Trying to organize some of the recent sites shared in various blog posts and forum messages so I put together this quick post. Use this as an easy  reference to find and sign up for ones you might have missed- there seems to be no end to the amount of sites out there and its easy for these to get lost in forum posts. Remember- its a numbers game and you want to be on as many invite lists as possible! On most of these I linked them to the relevant conversation on the site to save a little time, others are direct links. As each site proves itself I will follow up with more information. Don’t forget to check the forum a few times each day especially for the next few months I expect there to be quite a bit of activity after a somewhat slow summer. We survived though! Now lets start making some money 🙂

Spencer Research – I will be writing a more detailed post about this one very shortly. Did one study with them which paid $15 for about 10 minutes work. Very excited about the potential here.

Directive Analytics – Did my first study with them and was paid rather quickly. These tend to be longer diary and bulletin board studies that pay quite well.

Ejury.Com – Not many invites but nice pay when they are offered and quite interesting.

Accelerant Research – Small research firm. Fair paying studies when offered.

Iowa Panel – Compliments of Bridgets Blog 🙂

C2 Research – Filled out a profile a few weeks ago but still no invites. Will post follow up once I get a solid invite.

Focus Scope – So far 2 offers I couldn’t take part in because I don’t have a webcam! Studies look to be very high pay focus groups and bulletin board diary’s. Definitely worth a look if you have Skype/Webcam.

Esearch – So far I have taken part in 3 studies. All well worth the pay but a HUGE red flag for me right now is the absolutely ridiculous amount of time it takes to receive payout. Literally 2 months which I thought was exaggerated but now I have 3 studies waiting to be paid. Will certainly write  a full blog post on this if they pay? The wait is ridiculous but given the decent pay structure I would stick with it if they pay.

User Works – Market research firm- some high paying studies emailed directly to you. Just fill out the quick profile and do nothing else but wait for invites. Completed and been paid on a study with these folks but would like more.

Media Barn – Excellent site, high paying studies

Perception Lab – Just recently added this but haven’t had much time to explore it. – Put your bad habit to work. Quite a few studies posted on this site that pay rather well.

Opinion Room – Completed one small study so far. This site has basic surveys however its all done via email invites once you fill in your profile.

QInsights – Large market research firm. Excellent paid studies. Worth taking the time to fill out your profile and be on this mailing list.

VCN Video Chat Network – Just started looking at this however not having Skype or a web cam has me limited.

Chasen Research, Q&A Research, Do Now Research, WeCruiting, Good Housekeeping Panel, – All of these are newcomers with nothing to report back on yet. That will change




4 thoughts on “Some New Market Research Firms To Subscribe To :)

    1. Admin Post author

      Heya Jennifer! Thanks- I am anxiously waiting for these to pay off.. The pay for Esearch studies is fantastic so I had to look for something to pick on them for. Mintvine takes about 20 days to clear funds and that is one of my favorite panels so I just need to establish that trust before I feel good but I am sure it will work out. Glad to hear you have been paid before and I am sure theyll come through : )

  1. Dana89

    I did one today for C2 Research about people with a small business wanting to create their own website. It was a 45 minute phone call and I answered questions to different Ads she showed me on the computer. They seem very professional. It pays 75 dollars to paypal. that should take a couple of weeks. $75 for a 45 minute phone is not bad at all, now if I could just get 2 of those a day that would be great!

    1. Admin Post author

      Nice Dana! It feels great doesn’t it? Its like one extreme to the next. We break out butt to make $.50 on a 20 minute survey and then you do a 45 minute phone call and get paid $75. That is whats great about this- most people feel its a scam so after trying for a few and not immediately getting accepted they bail. I don’t think there is a single person on Reddit that talks about market research money. The downside is of course that you have to apply to so many but geeesh its worth it.

      Keep filling them out! seems to come in waves for me.. : )

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