Some Great Opportunities To Try For $$

By | June 30, 2015

Some fantastic online opportunities I found in the last hour & since I have some free time I wanted to share them in a post as most of these are time sensitive. Remember to keep checking the forum folks- some days are slow? but not today : )

Web based Online Study about alcohol (No shock I actually qualified for this study!)

Young adult tobacco users Study – This is a long term project that pays you each time you take a monthly survey about your tobacco use.

Online Study -presented by Tivo MUST have Skype

Migraine Sufferers– Online forum – $50 a month if qualify

TV Study – M/F 24-54 study about TV shows

2 Plaza Research Studies

Also check these out:


2 thoughts on “Some Great Opportunities To Try For $$

  1. Michele

    Wow, I qualified for the alcohol study!! Like you, I’m not surprised. Now of course they said I qualified and asked for my contact information. Hopefully that means they will contact me. thanks Paul. I don’t fit into the age catagories on the others but if I qualify for one I’ll be happy.

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Aren’t we a pair : )

      This is a Harvard Medical study so it should be completely on the up and up. I am getting pretty good at spotting the scammers although I always try and assume the worse until I get the money in my hands. I LOVE these longer term projects because the trick is to be reliable and then it just becomes a routine requiring no effort.

      The timing of that particular study is funny. This afternoon I had an opportunity to do a wine focus group and I couldn’t do it because the firm sponsoring it required that participants have a designated driver! Funny I just CANT make this stuff up 🙂

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