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By | October 18, 2014

nextontapIf you find some free time this weekend,  I suggest you take a look at SocialSci, a somewhat unique and refreshing survey/study panel I discovered a few weeks ago. The layout is different compared to other panels so despite the fact that I’m still forming an opinion of the site, I feel its worth a sneak peek!

SocialSci is a Scientific Research group that offers scientific studies to the public. Each study is clearly marked, so you won’t have to deal with the infamous time-consuming rejections that are notorious on other sites — this alone is HUGE for me and something I am desperately looking for in survey panels. The pay is extremely fair, and every survey I completed was much quicker then the estimated time. The entire setup just strikes me as professional and no-BS. The one big drawback is they only pay in Amazon Gift Cards, so just be forewarned- there is no PayPal/Cash payments.

At some point in the next 1-3 weeks I plan on re-doing my ‘8 great sites for earnings‘ and ill update my progress with SocialSci along with many others. I am looking for some new sites — too many of the ones I depended on are just not worth it anymore (such as CashCrate, SendEarnings, OpinionOutpost). One VERY important thing to keep in mind in this business – things change rapidly. Your favorite survey panel today can be worthless tomorrow, and you have to keep updating and searching for new ideas. Just like InspiredOpinions last week it’s worth noting that SocialSci doesn’t offer a referral program or any other incentive for me to promote the site. This is probably why not many other blogs talk about it. Lets face it, the absolute worst survey panels offer the highest referral rewards, which is why it’s so difficult to find quality panels. Everyone promotes the junk! Sad but that’s obviously the truth.

I hope readers of this blog take note of what I share, and in return, spread the word about my website. That’s all I ask!  🙂  and PLEASE share your experiences with SocialSci both the good and the bad!



4 thoughts on “SocialSci is On My Radar

  1. Jennifer

    You don’t like Opinion Outpost? It’s one of the ones I depend on exclusively along with Mturk. You have a lot of great info on this site here, so I was just curious as to why it’s not one of your favorites anymore. I look forward to looking at the rest of this site!

  2. paul Post author

    Jennifer I really REALLY miss Opinion Outpost!!! It was one of my favorites too… but something drastically changed in my relationship with them in the last month or two and I had to finally take them out of my daily routine. As of typing this message I’m looking at my history and I have over 12 attempts without a single qualification. What really has turned me off is the fact that you have to invest 5-10 minutes to see if you qualify and when you have 12 rejects in a row? That sure is a lot of time I spent giving them data with nothing in return. In the past the rejections were justified because eventually id qualify for a nice 25/50 point study but now I cant even get the 5 pointers!! It is honestly uncanny how drastically my fortune has shifted with Opinion Outpost- I even wrote them asking if something changed or if I was blacklisted : (

    I am glad you posted your comments however.. It sounds like my profile just isn’t ideal for the platform and the surveys they are offering but clearly its still working for you. It is a very reputable site and I cashed out hundreds from them over the last year so hopefully over time the magic returns! I have taken a much more aggressive stance especially since starting the website? I think when I publish my new ‘best of’ list in a few weeks? I will have to plan on updating it every quarter. Things seem to change quite rapidly in this business.. Keeps us on our toes!

    10/22 Edit- Jennifer- you motivated me to go back and update my profiles on Opinion Outpost. I was given a nice surprise not only by getting accepted to a nice 25 point survey? but then apparently I achieved Lifetime badge and they gave me a bonus 20 point credit. I sure am glad you planted the thought in my head! I’m happy thanks!!! : ) Ill see if the profile change is in fact going to get me accepted to more studies but that badge was a pleasant surprise!

  3. Jennifer

    Wow! Very, very nice! I’m glad you got some extra bucks you weren’t expecting from Opinion Outpost and thanks so much for the response. It was really interesting to hear another’s perspective. I would ditch them too, if I got reject after reject. It really stings to get so far into a survey and get the dreaded “sorry”. I really hope things have turned around for you there. I seem to get loads of accepted surveys every day and EVERYone should get to experience that!

  4. paul Post author

    Owe you big on this one Jennifer : ) So glad I went back and fixed up my profile on Opinion Outpost.

    I still remember when I first started taking surveys.. and I would think wow! 50 surveys available! ill sit here all day and do them all? heck why not? make $1-200.. and after a few weeks of trying this I couldn’t understand how at the end of the day? I barely was making $10-15.. You can bet this is why most people walk away from this business feeling bitter and scammed- the real trick to success is managing your time and its one helluva trick to pull off.. One thing I want to do with my site over the next few months is outline a few plans to help people get around this. Amazon Turk was a game changer for me? but what I do is when Amazon is slow especially on weekends? Ill work both at the same time- this way the sting of rejections on the regular survey sites doesn’t hurt as much because Ill still be earning on Turk.. Another strategy I use is ill literally have 2-3 sometimes 4 surveys going at once? and when its clear that I qualified? ill devote all my attention to the one.. I figure its fair to give them all my attention once I realize ill be paid? but when its still in the qualifying stage I owe them nothing..

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