Social Interactive Survey and Experiment

By | November 16, 2014

mortar_200SocialSci has a fantastic study available from University of Oxford which took me about 15 minutes. The pay is between $4-10 which will be deposited into your Paypal account in a few days. I was given a credit of $.50 on my SocialSci account and expect the other payment this week. I can’t provide specifics (because of the NDA) as to why there is a range of $4-10, but I can say you will be guaranteed $4 plus $.5 for your time, at the minimum. There is a limited number of slots available, so first-come, first-served. This was the perfect thing for me while enjoying my coffee on a Sunday morning. Please note: You MUST pay attention and read EVERYTHING as you take the study. There are specific check questions you will face at times that are designed to ensure that you are taking the study seriously. Answer the check question wrong and the study will terminate without payment. This should not be an issue unless you are rushing or not paying attention, so just be aware.

Remember to keep checking SocialSci as they do not alert you of new opportunities. I have done very well with these folks over the last month.

3 thoughts on “Social Interactive Survey and Experiment

  1. Michele

    I just want to thank you for all that you do for those of us looking to earn some money. I recently signed up with Social Science after having learned about it from your blog. I just finished this survey and was thrilled. Thanks for all you do!! Just want you to know your time is appreciated.


    1. paul Post author

      Thank you Michele! Ever since starting this website? my weekly earnings keep slowly increasing because its forcing me to push harder and find new sources of cash. I hope that trend continues all of 2015 so its a win win for all of us : )

      When I took this SocialSci study? there was a question they asked how I found the study? I captured the page because there were a few names I didn’t recognize? and sure enough I closed the paint program without saving it.. ARGH.. I should have quickly come here and asked someone who was taking it for the first time to get those names but… I need more sites like SocialSci. A lot of people prefer the bells and whistles sites like SwagBucks offer.. I just want opportunities.. doesn’t matter to me how its presented as long as its available and pays!

  2. Michele

    I completely agree with you, I just want the opportunity. I use Swagbucks and all kinds of apps on my phone and I’m always looking for more opportunities. I really appreciate your blog and here’s to a profitable 2015!!
    Thanks much


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