SliceThePie Worth Visiting Again?

By | April 27, 2015

SliceThePie is where it all started for me folks. I was having a rough time financially therefore I lived on Craigslists selling my belongings and looking for odd jobs under Gigs each day. Someone posted the link to their referral for SliceThePie and it caught my attention. Just like everyone else I thought task sites were a scam but I love listening to music so I humored the post and clicked on the link. Surprised to see it was legit my next step was to do a search of Google to find out how to write better reviews for higher pay and suddenly I realized what a ‘task’ site was and well the rest is history. The folks at Slice slowly reduced the pay and where I once was making $.15-.25 a review? I could barely earn .$10 if I was lucky. I started to write reviews only when they offered bonus days? but that too seemed to come to an end. Wasn’t worth it anymore…

Just last week I noticed on Reddit someone mentioned they launched a new site. Been months since I last visited so I had a look. Sure enough- it looks like the site has been reborn and for now?  They have upped the pay considerably. Don’t get me wrong- this is not a huge earner by any means but it reached a point where it was almost insulting even for a ‘fun’ side earner. I just now did several reviews and averaged $.23 for quick, simple reviews that took me a few minutes. One interesting addition however is the site is slowly going to start offering fashion reviews. This sure makes for an interesting mix, no?  So suffice to say.. I am once again going to start visit the site a few times during my off hours and hopefully the folks at Slice will keep the pay where its at and I can squeeze out an extra $20-30 a month. Like I have said many times in past postings in this business? Things chang constantly. What is hot today is not hot tomorrow. You have to keep switching favorite sites and constantly stay on top of your subscriptions to keep focusing efforts where your time is best spent. Put the low paying sites to sleep for a few months but never forget to keep checking. They will wake up when you least expect it. I need some rest and relaxation in my day anyhow, and rating a few songs early in the morning or just before I quit for the day might not be a bad idea. Lessee how long they stay generous with the payout : )

If you never used SliceThePie before see THIS posting for a quick example of how to write an effective review of a song.


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