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By | December 9, 2014

Been so busy the last few months I completely forgot about one of my old favorites so I figured why not also remind everyone else?  SliceThePie is a unique way to make a few extra dollars. In a nutshell the site allows new artists to upload songs and then folks like us write simple 5 or more sentence reviews and get compensated for the effort. This is NOT a huge earner but its simple and somewhat fun if you like music. The site has paid me nearly a dozen times without fail and they have an active presence on Facebook and Twitter if you really get into the service. You DON’T need to understand music theory to fly through this you simply need to enjoy music and have an opinion you aren’t afraid to give. I personally cant have any distractions when I take surveys and it gets quite boring sitting here 7/24 so in the past I would take several breaks throughout the day and rating a few songs on SliceThePie was always a nice mood changer. Depending on your review? The payout is between $.10-.25 essentially based on how long the review is and how many technical terms you throw in. I would average about 6 songs or $1 a day for my efforts which fit perfect with my theme of having dozens of small revenue streams earning $20-30 a month.  The real pay day on SliceThePie happens randomly once a month when they pay you double and when that happens you can make a fantastic hourly rate. I will try and give a heads up when this is offered? but as I mentioned earlier I somewhat forgot the site for the last few months and that explains the silence 🙁 .The site operates off an extremely effective program that analyses your review and scores you primarily on key words that relate to music. Talk about the quality of the recording or mention the guitar or drums. Do you enjoy the vocals?  Does it sound mainstream? Does this band have a chance? Below I included a small review just to give you an idea. If you try the site and enjoy it I highly recommend doing a search for help with SliceThePie and you will find dozens of examples on how to write better reviews. Trust me- your first few will go slow and awkward.. Once you get into the swing of it? You will be shocked how quickly you can write effective reviews and your hourly pay rate will increase. This isn’t a huge earner- but its worth mentioning because its so simple and fun, and its a perfect addition to someones monthly earnings plan. Below I included a sample review to help guide you. Good luck!

Excellent song! Really enjoyed this artist! Recording quality was fantastic and sounded very professional. Hard rock, drums pounding, fantastic guitar riffs and hard hitting passionate lyrics that brought out the spirit of the song. A lot of energy and enthusiasm you can feel the artists passion as he screams the vocals. Its great to hear a hard rock song with a lot of heart, not too dumbed down by electronics and digital effects even the guitar with hard driving riffs was surprisingly clean with minimal distortion. This band can play the material live and sound just as good they are a very tight 4 piece band. A real standout for me was the drummer, very pronounced and created the soul of the track by not being faded into the background which was a huge plus for me.  Excellent song guys! I look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

2 thoughts on “SliceThePie – Earn an Extra $25 Each Month

  1. Christopher

    Thanks Paul!!! I’m excited as I am about to venture into this prospective opportunity. Thank You for sharing!

  2. paul Post author

    Let me know what you think of the site Christopher! I always enjoyed it because of the laid back nature- and once you write a few reviews it just starts to flow. I found some fantastic bands on that site and follow them on YouTube its great! Would never have been exposed to it if I didn’t join Slice : ) There is another site that pays for reviews but I cant recall the name. I had a look some time ago and decided it just wasn’t worth it and I stayed with Slice. I forgot to mention that SliceThePie has a $10 cashout level but its not hard to reach. The best is when they offer double $$ days and sometimes it lasts for 2-3 or more days. Grab a few coffees and spend the day or heck even a six pack of beer and make some real money when they offer the bonuses : )

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