Sites Worth Mentioning 7/20/2016

By | July 20, 2016

Quick post here folks- just some valuable sites that have been shared on the Blog and Facebook Group worth sharing in case you missed them!!! Don’t forget- if you share a valuable site? Your referral link will be attached with the blog post. Fair is fair 🙂


Zitter Health Insights Panel – Web based surveys, Teleconferences, Phone Interviews, Live advisory board meetings.

Android Pit – Excellent blog post with tons of money making app ideas for Android devices!

Garmin User Research Panel – Your satisfaction and experience with our websites and applications is important to us and we want to know what you think. That’s why we’re inviting you to join our user research database.

Paribus – Find out for free if online stores owe you a refund!

6 Secret Places To Find Coupons – Even the most expert of coupon clippers grouse about how difficult it is to find bargains on fresh fruits and vegetables. But we’ve uncovered a half-dozen sources for savings.

9 Shopping Apps That Have Paid Me Over $300 – Excellent blog post from our friend Bridget 🙂

Spare5 – App for smartphones, not a big earner but the tasks are ridiculous short and simple.

Survey Cow Lock Screen Rewards – Survey Cow is the first paid lockscreen survey app that rewards you just for answering a single mini-survey question each time you turn your phone on! By answering these simple survey questions you’ll effortlessly earn Beef points throughout the day. When you reach 10,000 points you can request your rewards through PayPal!


Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer! Hey- also don’t forget to check out the new Local/State studies forum I started. Huge thanks to the folks that are contributing to that. Good luck out there!!!












2 thoughts on “Sites Worth Mentioning 7/20/2016

  1. Connie Martell

    Love your Facebook posts. Wouldn’t want to miss any!
    Paul once I get back on my feet ( I was out of work for two months due to illness) I plan on contributing money your way!

  2. Paul Post author

    Morning Connie! Hope everything is ok now?? Facebook group sure took off- I remember when it was at 50 members and I thought geeesh, this is embarrassing hehehe. Lots happened in 3 months its hard to keep up with!

    Hope your back to 100% soon!

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