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By | May 19, 2015

I am VERY late to this game but why not!  Most of you are probably already familiar with this passive earner but for those of you that aren’t? Its an easy way to earn an extra $100 a year doing absolutely nothing.

I have dragged my feet on this for quite some time and finally added Googles Screenwise Trends to my PC and Smartphone. Its not a huge earner? but its an excellent source of passive income you wont even know is there except for the monthly gift cards you’ll get for doing essentially nothing. I have never been a big fan of software that pays you to monitor your internet usage? but lets face it, if you use the internet? Google already knows more about you then you know about yourself. With Screenwise you install the software and your data is collected from your pc, smartphone and Ipad. Each week they will credit your account for $1,$2, or $3 depending on if you use just your desktop or also choose to load it on your smartphone or pad. For me I have a PC and Iphone and look forward to earning $2 a week or $104 a year for doing nothing. If you are new to my blog? A quick glance and you will quickly see that I cover a huge range of earnings and this is a perfect example of a ridiculously small but effortless way to make a few extra bucks. On its own this isn’t going to make you rich but when you consider there are dozens and dozens of such small earners you should jump on ones like this that require no effort once its set into motion. I have experienced no slowdowns since installing and wish I had done it sooner. You can join directly from Google for installation however since every penny counts in this business? I highly recommend joining via sites like Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars or just about any other GPT site. CashCrate for once came through for me and they paid me $1.50 to sign up through them which was a bit higher then others. Just do a quick search under offers and you will find Screenwise being offered on just about every site.

Like I said folks- Not a huge earner? but why not get paid to give Google what they are already taking for free. It all adds up : )

Edit- Another great App to checkout is Qriket! Earn money each day simply by spinning a wheel among other simple tasks. Its a relatively new app so letsee how long the nice payouts last : (

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7 thoughts on “ScreenWise Trends Passive Earner

  1. Bridget Berliner

    i just jumped on this bandwagon about 3 months ago. i put it on my phone, pc AND my son’s tablet so i get $3 each week! hey, i will take it—love free passive moneymakers!

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Bridget its reached a point now where I cant possibly press anymore buttons or look at more screens each day so I am being forced to seek these passive money makers.. Just want a little bit more just a litttttleee bit more : )

      Feel like George Jetson!!! I just got another Innopoll Invite but didn’t qualify.. at least the nice thing about these email invite panels? When you don’t qualify? It usually only takes 1-2 minutes to be let down gently.. I wish the big panels like Opinion Outpost would figure this out already! Nothing sucks the life out of you more then wasting 5-10 minutes only to get bounced. MyView throws you a dime whenever you don’t qualify and there are days I actually make $1 just trying to qualify. At least its worth the effort 😉 (

    2. paul2015 Post author

      Hey I just got an email from Screenwise. They gave me a $5 credit as a happy birthday 🙂

      They are a week late but that’s ok.. $5 for my birthday geeesh how cool is that?

  2. SweetMamaKaty

    You may already be aware of this one, but SurveySavvy has a similar program if I understand it correctly. Get $60 for installing on all your internet enabled devices. I haven’t been able to let myself do it yet for privacy. They do have a referral program, but I don’t know the benefits of it – – if you’re so inclined.

    My goal right now is to get a second computer, so I can feel more comfortable doing this type of thing. I do have an old laptop for RewardRack, but it crashes so frequently and has so many issues, I wouldn’t want them collecting THAT data!

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Katy I tried so hard to get the Survey Savvy one to work and finally gave up! It kept locking up my phone but that fat reward they give you for installing it had me really pushing to make it work but It just wouldn’t. I have Screenwise on my phone and it doesn’t slow me down at all but just to play it safe? I only installed the desktop version on my secondary browser but it didn’t seem to slow it down at all either. I like to keep my main browser free of all these things as much as possible.

      I cant believe I am almost at the cash out level on this. These passive earners are fantastic in fact I just cashed out $25 on Perk and also $10 on Earn Honey.

      People laugh at the notion of making a few dollars a week but when you do it multiplied by 12? or heck even 4 passive earners its still enough to put a dent in some bills. Gotta think small and many : )

    2. paul2015 Post author

      Katy I forgot to also mention- 100% get that second computer!!! Just the Swagbucks Encraves alone will earn you $100-150 a month. Throw in Radio Loyalty for another $30.. maybe EarnHoney.. My second computer is a work horse and it paid for itself the first month!

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