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By | September 18, 2015

Hey folks! Just a quick share here!!! A few months back I tried to join a site called Reward Rack. basically they offer paid-to-watch video similar to Swagbucks Ncrave. Since I am at my computer quite a bit it only makes sense to have video streaming even if it only earns 3-5 a day. Β They emailed me today with an invite- and from what I read? The site has been revamped and they are offering membership on a limited time basis. Similar to PineCone they limit the amount of members that can join which is probably a good thing overall.

I cant really vouch for the site until I reach payout but so far the points are adding up. These types of earners are obviously not huge money earners so not everyone will be interested but I felt it was worth sharing what I am trying and hope it works for some of us. Earn Honey makes me about $20 a month but its very slow and buggy.

Surprised to see they also had a referral program. I never have luck with referrals? So maybe this site will be different! Please use my referral when joining? and I will obviously talk more about them once I receive a payment : )




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13 thoughts on “Reward Rack – Get Paid To Watch Streaming Content

  1. bridget

    thanxs paul–i just tried to sign up under your link and got this email:

    Hi there,
    We received your invitation request. Unfortunately all spaces are currently filled. You will receive a sign up email as soon as more space opens up.

    – Reward Rack Team

    i hope you still get credit if/when i get accepted!

    1. Admin Post author

      Thanks Bridget! They should email you in a few days with a signup! Of course who knows about the referral : ) With Earnhoney I actually had many people email them with my referral and they promised id get credit starting September but it never happened so I gave up. Its really only a small amount of money mind you but just sorta annoying they make it so difficult : )

      Reward Rack will be signing up everyone who leaves an email or at least they should for the next week or two!

  2. Michele

    Got the same response as Bridget but will keep my eyes peeled for the invite. I used the link through your post, is that all we need or do you have a referral code?

    1. Admin Post author

      Thanks Michelle! It should work directly from the link.. of course since they are pre screening people who the heck knows if it will be attached to the invite they send ! I hope a lot of folks get an invite link however- it looks like a pretty decent earner so far as videos go.

      If they make it difficult I wont stress it. With Earnhoney I was mad at everyone and in the end it turns out it was Earnhoney that was to blame so I looked like a dummy! I don’t have too many referral sites that I promote so its always nice to get something- but these guys clearly all make it like jumping through hoops get get the programs to work so clearly not worth too much effort!

  3. SweetMamaKaty

    One thing on this one – it doesn’t seem to matter if they follow the referral link initially – it’s when people actually get the invite that they will need to enter your referral code along with their invite code. I would post your referral code here so people can access it easily later! It kind of stinks to do it that way, IMO, but one of my referrals got an invite today, and that was how it was for them at least – and they still aren’t showing up as a referral for me.

    On Reward Rack in general though, I love it and have done very well. They seem to pay out at the beginning of each month, regardless of when I cashed out. I’m not sure if that will be any different now or not, but I noticed a lot more earning this week leading up to today, so I’m glad to see some people getting in. πŸ™‚

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Dana Hi Katy!!! I think the link is also the referral code but don’t sweat it.. Only if you remember when you get the invite come back and grab the code but I swear these guys like to make it difficult and confusing on purpose.. and then like I said with Earnhoney? I went on a rampage thinking nobody used the code and in the end it was a combination of people being confused and also Earn Honey not applying a single one. I even had people email Earn honey and they wrote me apologizing and said I would see credit Sept 1st and zilch. Now they just don’t answer my emails. Its just the nature of this low margin business and not worth the stress if its not as simple as just clicking on the link.

      I made a few dollars in a half day yesterday with Reward Rack. My only complaint? I cant get the videos to go on auto scroll like everyone I read raves about the site. I tried several browsers, tried maximizing/full screen and nothing- I still have to hit forward. Of course I am ok with that because for me? this is like Ncrave multiplied by 2. The points ad up about twice as fast so now I know longer need to beg Swag for Ncraves (Another site that ignores me).. surprise!

      Speaking of referrals. I hated putting the banner adds in the forum? but believe it or not it actually helps a lot even if it is just $10-15 bucks a month. Makes the forums look a bit sloppier but it helps me make a few extra dollars so hopefully everyone will just tolerate that annoyance πŸ™

    2. SweetMamaKaty

      Oh, I’ve been in RR since February. πŸ™‚ When my refs got the email with the invite code, there was also a place to enter a ref code. It would be great if they tracked it from the original click, but I don’t think they are – at least not by what’s showing up as refs for me. Maybe it’s like EH though, and they’ll only show up if they earn points, that could be it too. πŸ™‚

  4. Dana89

    I got my invite and copied it and am going back through your link to paste it. So you for sure should get your referral. E-mail if you dont.
    Thanks Dana

    1. Admin Post author

      Thanks Dana! It looks like last night they let a bunch of people in! I also got a notice of some referrals yours included a HUGE thanks! NOW we have to figure out how to make this thing work for passive income. So far I haven’t been able to get it to auto pilot the videos. I have to keep hitting the Next button after each set. Still trying to figure this out- apparently it works for some folks but not others? another person recommended that it takes a few days using it before they let it auto scroll?

  5. Dana89

    Ok at the risk of sounding like an idiot, Where are the videos? If I click on the peanut labs page at the bottom there is Yahoo streaming video, I think it is watch for 2 minutes and you get credit, but when I am there do I keep clicking on other vids? That is the only video I see on Reward Rack.
    I also joined Get-Paid-To-Read, the are kind of like inbox dollars but you choose what you want to be paid for each e-mail from 2 to 5 cents, of course I chose 5 cents and they send about 3 emails a day, so that is 15 cents for very little time, you can also do Peanut Lab surveys. Whe you reach 15 dollars from what I have heard they automatically send it to your Paypal on the 15th of each month. I cannot find any reviews one this site, good or bad so if anyone has experience with them please let me know and tell me how to work the vids on RewardRack please.

    1. Admin Post author

      Morning Dana!!! Isnt it great how each site is like trying to figure out a puzzle? So annoying : )

      On Reward Rack the videos are hidden under ‘Offer Wall’ and then you just click on one of the blue or purple tabs that say click/discover/earn. From there it will open up the video window and youll see on the top right hand corner where it shows your balance there is a timer that counts down and you need to hit ‘next’ to advance to the next set. Its a chunk of videos and then once you finish step 10 it gives you credit.

      I am so upset I cant put this on autopilot. I will be writing them at the end of the week but first I want to quickly get to 1000 points so they realize I am using it pretty heavy without it being on auto pilot. Just tired of having a sore neck from hitting next all day : )

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