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By | January 18, 2015

I was talking to my friend Ashley from ContinuousCashIdeas and I convinced her to team up with me and experiment with a Reddit thread  to further expand on what we share on our sites. The blogs are just a little too limited when it comes to discussing various ideas and it just made perfect sense to experiment with Reddit. They already have some fantastic threads there such as Frugal or BeerMoney, but I wanted something that was a bit more personal and could develop into a really tight knit group. The thread is open to everyone regardless of whether you subscribe to our blogs or not.  The motive is the same as always folks and that is the more eyes, the more money we make. Real simple. Everything from SwagBucks to Focus groups will be discussed and also id like to dive heavily into Amazon Turk which could really benefit from a thread where I can elaborate and explain things to newbies.

Its a work in progress and my time is already stretched very thin so be patient and lets just see where it takes us. Consider it a work in progress 🙂



3 thoughts on “Reddit Thread!!!

  1. Kay

    I know this is pitifully sad but I have never used Reddit. I went there once and it was quite confusing. I hope this is a great venture and I will gladly participate but someone will have to explain how it works (and explain it like I am five cuz I could not understand what it was all about).

    However, if it helps us make money and share ideas I am on board.
    Oh– by the way… I made $20 on an amazon gift card yesterday for five minutes of work. I viewed a few tv ads for a focus group and answered some questions and voila– at the end they said I will get my gift card very soon. Pretty nifty huh? 🙂

  2. paul2015 Post author

    I will help you out Kay! Although I am a bit of an amateur with Reddit myself and your right it is really confusing? I used it a lot for sharing Amazon hits and then recently I have spent a lot of time on threads like Frugal and Beer Money. Whats cool about Reddit is the sheer volume of people that use it? Some really great info in there.. I hate learning all these sites but Reddit is worth it I think. Not sure how they got so huge but amazing how many people are active there : )
    I wont be changing anything here on the site however.. Reddit is just going to be an extension and will be a bit more personal and fun to just kick back and babble which I love to do but all the quality info will be here first and then comments can spill over to Reddit.
    Congrats on the Amazon card! As good as cash!!! I have been putting all my Perk rewards into Amazon and 2014 holidays I used all that cash to buy presents. Now I have to rebuild it again for 2015 what a vicious cycle!

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