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By | November 6, 2014

Not many people are familiar with this site and at a glance it seems uneventful and crowded. Literally dozens of surveys- most are very low pay and if you aren’t careful you can get trapped in a 30-minute session for $.50, which is a nightmare. The surveys also don’t credit instantly, about 80% of the surveys are not credited until Monday mornings or once weekly.  All that said, let me tell you why I hold QuickRewards in the highest regard. I don’t care if you join without using my referral link, this site is an absolute must.

The main reason I favor this site is simply because it has the best customer support of any site I have ever belonged to. Every issue I have run into over the last 12 months? I received nothing but the absolute best support. Unlike most other sites, when in doubt, they side in favor of me. I have even had times where a survey was ridiculously long so I aborted it and complained, and they promptly afforded me credit. There is no other site that I am currently a member of that has such strong support. Nobody even comes close.  With a little effort? This site can be a fantastic money maker! Having the customer support on your side is such a huge positive I cant stress this enough. It is worth making this site work for you folks!

From the main menu? You are presented with the top surveys and descriptions to help guide you. Over time you will learn which supplier has the best offers but when just starting out? Its simple- just look at the descriptions. Descriptions such as “10 minute survey”, “Many will qualify!”, “Easy 5 minute study”,”Can do 5 a day”-  Just keep it simple!  Don’t get lost in all the offers- follow the descriptions and manage your time. The low pay is a non issue if you are selective  and hand pick the quality all the while knowing you have support should anything go wrong. Id much rather spend my time taking $1.00 surveys I know will pay instead of attempting $2 surveys and getting 3-5 rejections or losing entirely when there is an error only to be told “sorry, tough luck” when I scream for customer support.

I utilize this site daily not only for 1-2 surveys? but also I earn about $2 a day on the videos. I do wish they paid more for surveys? but having the reassurance that whatever work I put in will be paid is worth the slight pay cut. It has been a consistent earner for over 12 months and the site is a critical part of my earnings plan for 2015. Security is rare in this business- embrace it when its offered because most sites are very clear that you are on your own when issues arise.

Did I mention they don’t have a cashout limit? : )

Folks I am currently working on a ‘top survey sites’ list which should be done shortly. I also have 2 new panels I just started and a lot more so November should be an exciting month! Thanks for visiting my site!





7 thoughts on “QuickRewards Network – Why I Love This Site

  1. Jennifer

    I love that you don’t have to wait until you have a certain amount to cash out. You can cash out your 50 cents if you’d like to. I haven’t used them in a while, but I think I’ll start again with your tips. Thanks for this post!

    1. paul Post author

      Jennifer that is exactly what I did a year ago when I joined! I completed one survey which paid the following day? and I cashed out for $1. At the time I was so frustrated with sites that have ridiculously high cash-out limits I didn’t trust it to be sincere. The pay is not as high as some other sites? but just knowing that what I start will be guaranteed no hassle/paid in full is priceless. I stopped using sites like Ipsos I-say, Global Markets and Ipoll because I was stunned by how rude and cold the support was. They simply don’t care- its really sad considering the low wages people are working for..

      The videos on this site are also quite handy too- Particularly because they offer a wide assortment so you can use SwagBucks Encrave and HyprMx videos on other sites and use these at the same time. Most sites use the same videos so you cant double your efforts : ) (

  2. Jennifer

    I will definitely be checking out the videos. I’ve only ever done surveys with them and haven’t really ventured out. I’ve been struggling like crazy to reach my $50 cashout at JDPower Panel so I can say goodbye. They raised the cashout minimum from $35 to $50. I have the surveys complete to cash out, but they take ages to verify that you’ve completed the survey and then you wait 2 more weeks to even see the money. Sites like QuickRewards are a breath of fresh air and I really should be using it more often. I’m excited to check it out again.

  3. paul Post author

    You just described what Ipoll did to me.. They raised the cashout.. and then I literally tried to qualify for over 2 dozen surveys and couldn’t earn the extra few dollars I needed.. I finally gave up and in a fit of rage told them to keep the money. GlobalTestMarket panel same thing.. I count each and every penny that comes my way and with both those panels I was willing to throw away $20-30 in hard earned money just to rid myself of the sites..

    I wasted a good 6 months between trying to find decent sites? and falling victim to blog after blog promising thousands of dollars a month joining this panel or that panel.. It was only after I finally started to ‘get it’ that I realized wow- I have to start a blog… this is crazy.. Nobody is telling the truth.. what else is new? : )

    Drop me an email if you need help figuring out the QuickReward videos.. All day I use SwagBucks Encrave, Zoombucks, LootPalace and QuickRewards. It adds up when you do it consistently and despite the low payout? Its simple work

  4. Cynthia

    Just a quick head’s up… Swagbucks is now paying 5 cents for every 30 minutes of Radioloyalty playtime. A couple months ago they were paying 6 cents, but then they reduced it to 2 cents… so it’s nice to see they have increased it again. 🙂

  5. paul Post author

    HUGE thank you Cynthia! I had just loaded up my second computer and was preparing for a full day of work so I went to Clixsense/Radio Loyalty and saw your wonderful heads up and jumped over to Swag!

    That .02 adds up especially this weekend since I plan on barely moving from this chair sad to admit.. While I was there I quickly did the NOSO and Daily Poll. Also in my Swag email box there was a quick offer labeled “Earn 15 SwagBucks” so I completed that. Im still in the process of doing Swag searches looking for a few more pennies.

    I have Radio Loyalty, Encrave, and QuickRewards videos all fired up.. Now time to look for some surveys. Thanks Cynthia!!!

    Whoops almost forgot- Bing is once again offering double search credits this weekend. 🙂 off to a great start here.. Lets make this a wonderful weekend!!

  6. Kay Myers

    I signed up for quick rewards and I have followed your directions. I find QR extremely crowded and confusing. I am used to swagbucks and inbox dollars which both post earnings very quickly unless it is a special offer. So I am guessing my QR points and cash will change drastically after a bunch of stuff credits next week. I guess you are all thinking it is a faster payout since you don’t have to reach $30 to cash out. Youtube videos explaining how to use the site might be really helpful. I have 2 proposals for you.
    1. How would you feel a out me doing a guest post on your blog once in a while?
    2. If you don’t want guest posts would you consider helping me learn how to set up a blog that wouod be a lot like yours but geared towards women/ disabled people earning from home.
    3. I am way too shy to do it on my own but if several of us worked together maybe we could do youtube how- to videos to help people. I have heard that youtube can be a good source of income through ads and sponsorship.
    So glad to hear that the work is going well.
    I am in bed this weekend with some horrible stomach pain. (Having an EGD done Tuesday to see if they can figure out why I am having so much pain and horrid nausea. Cannot do as much but I cqn still make money with my loyalty videos and setting my phone to watch trailers on swagbucks.com

    Great week for me in payouts—
    $30 payout visa from Inbox
    $5 gamestop for a present for someone from bing rewards.
    $5 starbucks fom Nielson digital points.
    3 digital downlods,
    2 redbox movie coupons
    and getting close to 4 other payouts.

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