QuickRewards Network Easy 10 Minute / $1 Daily Survey

By | December 20, 2014

From conversations with some of you folks I have been told the layout at QuickRewards is too confusing and this is understandable. The layout is quite different from other sites and unless you invest considerable time learning the platform its easier to just pass over it especially considering the payouts are not very fat. Just remember- QuickRewards scores high in one category that most other sites don’t and that is support. This site goes above and beyond and for that reason alone its worth keeping in the pocket.

If you do nothing else with QuickRewards? Go to the “Surveys” tab and you will see typically 2 or more surveys with the word “FED” in the description and try to qualify. You can do several of these daily? They are typically 10 minutes long and the payout is $1 which is fair compensation. You can also find the surveys on the  home page. Another option is simply look for surveys labeled “Takes 5 minutes”.  Remember- take a little bit from each site.. No one site is going to be where you make all your cash.

Keep in mind that QuickRewards credits most surveys on Monday mornings. Before you throw your hands up in the air and say forget that? Please trust me- this site has never cheated me out of a dime? When I hit snags they don’t question it and have on multiple occasions added extra incentives for the trouble AND there is no cash out minimum which is another big plus.  This certainly wont be a huge earner like MintVine but between a few surveys each week and videos I do add an extra $20-30 to my monthly results thanks to QuickRewards.

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