Qriket – Spin The Wheel For Real Money $$

By | May 14, 2016

Ok folks- this is actually really cool. Someone shared this on the Facebook group earlier today and I just had to share this. Its essentially a money making app- you are given a certain amount of spins each day and you earn points. Once those are depleted? You can earn additional spins by watching videos. These are usually great when they are new so  jump on it quick and earn a few dollars while the fun lasts. I made $4.00 in about 20 minutes which in our world is actually pretty darn good. Will keep using it each day and see just how this pans out but I highly recommend it!


If you use my referral code they will give me some free spins so please add my referral when you sign up? Would GREAT appreciate it!   Referral Code A35177


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2 thoughts on “Qriket – Spin The Wheel For Real Money $$

  1. Kaz

    I’ve used it and it’s fairly easy to make money with it. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting makes some extra cash.

    1. Paul Post author

      Thanks Kaz- I actually just reached cashout (finally!). Its one of those apps where if you use it consistently each day it adds up, I just wish they didn’t make the cashout level so high

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