Probe Market Research

By | September 15, 2016

Many of us have done studies for Probe Research in the past and will probably agree they are a fantastic market research company. Reliable, excellent pay and just all around professional organization you absolutely want to be connected with. They just re did their website so I thought this would serve as an excellent opportunity to remind folks to visit the new site, update their information and for anyone new to my blog that is not familiar with them to make sure you take a few minutes to subscribe. Certainly worth the 5 minutes it takes to get on their mailing list!

Probe Market Research

Probe Research Incorporated is an integrative market research recruiting firm based in New York City & San Francisco, focused on providing in-depth perspectives from a multitude of consumers, non-customers, and brand loyalists. Established in 2005, Probe Research provides nationwide recruiting services built around the needs and specifications of its clients to assist in the creation of value propositions and brand understanding.

Probe Research as a Nationwide Market Research Recruiting firm collaborates with a variety of clients from contrasting fields and backgrounds to capture insights from all cultural, economic, racial, and geographic perspectives. Providing the foundation of market research, Probe Research uses its extensive internal, opt-in database of consumer, business-to-business and medical professional respondents to soldier the best results, propelling companies nationwide to maximize their offerings.



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