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By | October 7, 2016

I have been meaning to share this in a blog post for quite some time but keep getting side tracked! There are a literally thousands of survey panels and GPT sites which promise members big money and as most of us know by now the majority of them are absolute junk to be perfectly blunt. I could write for hours about sites like Vindale, Toluna, Harris Poll who actually go as far as to post bogus studies on Craigslist promising high paying research studies only to link you to their signup page where even at best you might get lucky and participate in a study that pays about $.50 for 20-30 minutes work. Certainly no surprise why most folks who try to make money online run far away after a few months and label it all a waste of time. What further complicates this is the quality sites are very seldom discussed because they don’t offer fat referral rewards. A good rule of thumb when joining a site? Simply look at how much referral kick back they offer and chances are you are wasting your time and should move on.

Ok So I only set aside 5 minutes to write this so lets just get to the point. Pinecone Research is one such panel that you absolutely need to sign up for. Depending on various factors this can be difficult because they limit the number of members and its difficult to find an invite link due to their solid reputation. You certainly wont get rich? but you will earn $3 for each survey, you wont be told your disqualified after investing 15 minutes, and randomly you will receive free product in the mail which will be followed by another $3 payout for doing a follow up survey. It just so happens that I have a friend who has an invite link and absolutely want to share this. Keep in mind? If you are not accepted DON’T give up! It took me about 4 attempts over several months before I was accepted but its worth it. Your time is so valuable when working online and there are quality survey panels out there. Isolate the winners and stay away from the losers- its really that simple : )

Click on the link and good luck!!! Pinecone Research Invite Link

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  1. bridget

    the link has already been deactivated for the month–meaning they met their quota/cap. all people can do is try again the first of the new month–they always reopen it each month until their new quota is met.

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