PerkTV – Earn $25 every 30 days

By | January 27, 2015

Folks I  just cashed in some Perk rewards again and wanted to share a quick tip for helping my blog readers gain rewards faster. I literally doubled my monthly rewards this little trick and the best part is? its completely legit and not frowned on. Maybe everyone knows this already? but just in case 🙂

When watching videos? you are forced to watch the first 20 seconds. If you don’t like the video they are showing? after 20 seconds you can tap the screen once  and the border will be filled with options. At the top left hand corner of your screen tap the ‘Done’ tab and bingo! you can move to the next video. Not only does this help speed up your accumulating points? but it also lets Perk know you are watching and the more you do it? The more time between notices asking ‘Are you still watching’.  They seem to recognize each time you forward past a video and you can go hours before being asked to confirm if you are still there. Hope this helps! I am currently earning $25 a month with Perk. Not a huge earner? but it doesn’t get easier then this. I only use one device although Perk does allow you to use  multiples fwiw. If you don’t already have Perk I highly recommend it!

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