Pain-Relief Clinical Trial Registration

By | November 12, 2014

No Pain and Lots to GainWanted to share an excellent opportunity that I just signed up for this morning. The offer is limited, so first-come, first-served. The work is an experiment done completely online, which involves helping people deal with pain management. The study pays $15 per each questionnaire you fill out, for a total of $60!

Rather than go into details- here is the link and you can decide:

If you’d like to see a demo before signing up, do so here:

Disclaimer: I receive no compensation for referring people to this study. So please keep this in mind and take some time to tell your friends/family or favorite forum about Netpayout –  That’s all I ask : )







2 thoughts on “Pain-Relief Clinical Trial Registration

  1. Telise

    Thanks for the tip on this study.
    I see the payment is at the end of the trial of 6 weeks.
    Do you know how they plan to pay as this is not via Mturk?


    1. paul Post author

      Telise- I wrote an email to them regarding the payment so Ill let you know once I hear back. I was a bit upset about the 6 month wait- really put a damper on an otherwise fantastic offer : (

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