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By | August 11, 2018

Hey folks! Hope this post finds everyone doing well?  Summer slowdown is in full effect but keep filling out the prescreens and keep your fingers crossed.  Fall is coming soon enough and the action will pick up.  Just wanted to drop a reminder to check out some of the studies posted this week that are particularly interesting. Good Luck!!!


Paid Mens Razor Product Testing – Thanks for agreeing to participate in our razor product test. We have a few more of these studies coming up and we are hoping you might know some people interested in participating? We would really appreciate your help here! If you know any men 18-55 who would like to be paid to try new razors, PLEASE point them to our site so that they can participate in our upcoming studies.


Seeking Consumers To Talk About Floor Cleaning – We want to talk to you about some products at shelf- and what gets you to buy them! Compensation $75.00


Earn $20 For Participating in a 30-60 Minute Interview On Teen Finance – The User Research team at a new Silicon Valley startup is conducting user research to learn more about the personal finance needs of teens age 13-17 and their parents.


Are You A Mac User +55? – Are you Mac user? (55+ y/o) Earn $50. We are a IT company that would like to receive feedback from people who uses Mac. Your feedback will help us develop the next generation of software.


Nationwide Meal Planning Study – $70 Compensation. Study for household meal planners.


Sports App User Test – We’re looking for sports fans to provide feedback about an app we’re developing.


Smoking Study – $30 / 20 Minutes. Join us for a mobile diary study to tell us a little more about you as a person and your smoking habits!


Plenty more in the forum!

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