Inbox Dollars TV App

Ok folks- going to make this short and sweet. Many of you are probably familiar with the site Inbox Dollars. If you are familiar with them? You probably also know the site is not a big money maker. I wont bash them- it is a legit site but I personally stopped using them because my time… Read More »

Product Testing Opportunity for Parents Earn $350

Esearch shared this in our Facebook group but I wanted to put this opportunity out to a wider audience with a blog post. Many of us have done studies for Esearch in the past and they are a reliable research firm. Hope some folks get accepted into this study- fantastic pay 🙂 $350.00 Product Testing… Read More »

Paid Autism Research (Online/From Your Home)

The University of Miami has partnered with the Simon’s Foundation for Autism Research Institute (SFARI) to acerbate our knowledge of autism nationwide! Help us transform the understanding of autism and advance treatments by participating in the landmark research project, SPARK. Individuals with autism and their family members are encouraged to participate in SPARK. The goal… Read More »

Price Point Health Research – Earn $100

Since 2010, PricePoint Health Research’s goal has been to help lower healthcare costs in the United States by improving price transparency.  We perform research studies in local towns across the country to find out what it costs to visit different hospitals and doctors. PricePoint Health Research procures, analyzes and summarizes current cost and price information… Read More »

Ping Pong – Paid Skype Interviews

Passing this along to everyone- its a new site so it would be great if there is some money to be made given we found it before the ‘herd’ 🙂 Give it a try, see what you think and share your experience with us! You get paid for your time you spend with us. We… Read More »

WeFitter Fitness & Motivation App

For all you fitness minded folks this App is worth checking out! You can earn points for being active and those points can be exchanged for real rewards and discounts. Below is a copy from the ‘about’ page on the WeFitter site: Be Active. Be Rewarded. That really does put in on point. If you’re willing… Read More »

Penn Heart Study – Earn $25 If You Qualify!

Hey folks- I received a message from the folks at University of Pennsylvania inviting me to a study that aims to help fight diabetes and heart disease. It takes about 1-2 minutes to see if you qualify and the pay is $25. Wanted to share this in a blog post so nobody misses the opportunity.… Read More »

Focus Forward Transcription Services

We have an amazing opportunity for experienced transcribers for a 100% work at home opportunity! This is a virtual independent contractor position with exceptional rewards: Set your own hours Do interesting work Have job flexibility Be your own boss $9.00 per 15 minutes of audio Focus Forward Transcription Services  

Needing Product Testers

Good morning folks! Very quick blog post here- it seems these days I am running multiple groups and many people pick a comfort zone whether its the Forum, Facebook Group or just reading blog posts so its easy to miss out on something of substance. is a fantastic site I wrote about in the past… Read More »

Pinecone Research Invite Link

I have been meaning to share this in a blog post for quite some time but keep getting side tracked! There are a literally thousands of survey panels and GPT sites which promise members big money and as most of us know by now the majority of them are absolute junk to be perfectly blunt.… Read More »