Overturning Rejections on Amazon Turk (Yes, You Can)

By | November 29, 2014

If you’ve done some work via Amazon Turk, by now you understand that when a requester rejects your hit it not only means you don’t get paid, it also reflects poorly on your future work by lowering your approval rating. For the most part this really isn’t a big deal unless you get extremely careless about your work, as most hits generally require at best about a 90-95% with an occasional 98% hit approval rating, which leaves plenty of room for the inevitable rejection. That said, if you are like me it still leaves a bad taste and bruises one’s ego. Generally, if you do a quick glance at the Turkopticon rating before accepting a hit, you can avoid the questionable requester and this wont be an issue. However, no matter how careful you are, it will inevitably happen.

OK, so here’s what most Turk workers don’t know: Although Amazon doesn’t involve itself in disputes between workers and requesters,  you can go into your hit summary and click on the requester name, which will allow you to contact them directly. I tend to work extremely fast and in a given month I will do about 1200 hits with an average of about 5 rejections. I pride myself in being able to overturn 80% of those rejections simply by reaching out to the requester. Typically being nice is the way to go, but when I see the requester has a pattern of worker abuse I approach it with a much heavier hand. A good habit to get into is taking screen shots of the open/consent forms at the start of a study so you have the contact information (still,  you’d be surprised how easy it is to find the source with just a little digging on turkopticon or via a Google search). Lets face it: if a student is paying a worker the equivalent of $3.00 per hr. and handing out mass rejections, the last thing the board of ethics wants to do is receive emails and phone calls from upset workers. DON’T accept those rejections!  You will be shocked at how easy it is to have those turned around. Never forget, these folks are saving a fortune using this platform and they realize it. Nothing is more important to a worker then his/her approval rating, so exhaust all possibilities and push to have those rejections reversed.

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