By | February 18, 2015

Just a quick mention of a site I subscribe to called Opinionsite.  I joined this panel well over a year ago and honestly I forget it even exists because I receive so few invitations. I keep it in my arsenal simply because the email invites take me less then a minute for qualification? and when I do qualify the studies are rather quick and painless averaging about $2-3 per survey. I only cashed out 2 times since being a member so this is not a big earner by any means but for folks like me who pick up every penny they see? Its probably not a bad idea to take the time to subscribe, fill out the profile and answer the occasional email invite. They also offer a small $.05 for disqualified which is a nice gesture.

Very slow out there folks- hope everyone is hanging in there. Amazon Turk seems to be rather hot right now so that’s where I am focusing my attention. I will share any opportunities that cross my desk and hope you do the same!




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