Giving Thanks for Your Opinions

By | November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!Happy Thanksgiving, folks!!!

Gang: I need some opinions!  Since starting this website I have limited the amount of material posted and select only the most relevant information to share. I honestly felt sharing too much would crowd the site or overwhelm subscriber mailboxes. I think it’s time for a change so starting now and the next few months I am going to experiment with posting quite aggressively.  I spend all day doing this and there is no shortage of relevant information. I feel too restricted the way its currently set up. Rather then have just a few larger posts id much prefer to have a mix of smaller blurbs and bits of relevant/timely information mixed in. What do you think? Will this help? Or is it overkill? I need to hear some opinions before I start babbling too much.

Obviously, if you are a subscriber to NetPayout and you feel you are receiving too many email messages, you can unsubscribe and just visit the site a few times a week to catch up with any updates. I simply didn’t want to change the format without giving a heads-up and it would help me greatly if some of you could chime in here and and give an opinion on this change.

Whatever we do lets make 2015 a big year. Over the last half of 2014 I noticed the integrity of what is being offered has dramatically increased and as such my monthly earnings have also gone up. Years ago, I would have laughed if someone told me I could make decent money taking surveys or watching videos online. The word “scam” would have been my first reaction. Now? It has become my life and scam has never had anything to do with it. I don’t earn huge money, its not a road to riches but it IS real and helps pay the bills. I plan on riding the wave as long as I can : )  Thanks for being here, folks!!!








13 thoughts on “Giving Thanks for Your Opinions

  1. Michele

    I love the idea of more postings and don’t mind the additional emails at all.
    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.

    I’m thankful for all the help you give us to make some case!!!

  2. Jennifer

    I like the idea of more posting. I don’t mind picking through and choosing what I want to do. I do this everyday as my main source of income as well, so I appreciate any information that might have slipped by me through the years. Such as Mturk, if I hadn’t accidentally stumbled across it last year, I wouldn’t be making near as much as I do now. Keep the posts coming. The more the merrier. Thanks for all you do.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. paul Post author

    : )

    Ok great we are on the same page! I just feel like I’m not saying enough- some days I sit here and look at my notepad when the day is over and think geesh THIS would be fantastic to share or darn I wish I could post a quick sentence on the blog about what happened today. Anytime a site doesn’t credit me, or I get poor support or I try a new survey site and although I have no idea if its going to be promising or a dud I want to immediately share it and talk about it.. All week there are so many different bits of information that can be valuable but the way I have been posting I feel I am missing out on sharing all that.. and of course by not sharing and being too selective? I also cheat myself out of the feedback I get from you folks. This is going to be fun because its really how I intended to do things initially but I just felt funny about digressing from the norm that most blogs established. I’m starting to realize however that there is just too much information to cover in just a few postings a month.. Too much is being left out and that leads to frustration and missed opportunity..

  4. Sal

    More information = more money. You have my vote!

    Thanks for everything Paul I love this site. One suggestion? If you could post more information about Amazon Turk it would be appreciated! I just started with Amazon in October and I find it a bit confusing but I think you are right and its a necessary component to earning online. Any support would be very helpful

    have a great Turkey day everyone!

  5. Greg Jones

    I think that a snippet of info might be better and a lengthy post with different sources. I think I’d be less likely to think that I’d try one now and come back later for more. Then forget about it. 🙂

    Jennifer….this is your main source of income and you just recently found out about MTurk??? That must have been a good bonus!!

    AKA mandowhacker

  6. Greg Jones

    Quick for Sal………….

    Try this search in the browser address bar:

    I have it saved in a notepad file, just hit “paste & go” and it takes you right to MTurk if you are already signed in. You can change the 0.25 to 0.10 or whatever amount you wish. It weeds out stuff you aren’t qualified for. I also keep my worker ID# on that notepad page to copy and paste into a HIT.

  7. Christopher

    I believe adaptation to change is crucial and necessary. It can also be rewarding. I personally am one to say “go for it.” You don’t know until it has been tried. So, lets give it a shot.

  8. Linda

    I find this site to be so helpful and I am so thankful to all the info that you have given out over several months. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and thanks Paul!

  9. Cynthia

    I think it sounds great!!! I really appreciate all the information and tips that you share. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.
    Cynthia 🙂

  10. Cynthia

    Just a head’s up… Bing Rewards are doubled for the next three days. (Nov. 29 – Dec. 1)
    Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 🙂

  11. paul Post author

    Excellent start to the day thanks Cynthia! Just put that out as a wider post so everyone sees it : )

    Sometimes I wish I could just scrap the whole blog idea and turn this into a forum so we can all keep a constant flow of info from all contributors.. One day as they say!!

    I start my search for a new apartment today.. anyone living in a state that is still affordable? is there such a thing? Actually I have to believe anywhere is cheaper then NJ which is where I currently am stuck and so desperately want out of…

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