OpinionPlus and L&E Research

By | June 9, 2015

Just a quick update regarding this new Panel I recently wrote about OpinionPlus. Finally received 2 invites this week and qualified for 1 quick $3 survey that took about 10 minutes. There is a $10 cash out level which I am eagerly waiting to hit because I want this panel to prove itself. VERY similar to PineCone in so many regards it would be fantastic if this turns out to be another consistent $20-30 earner each month and I have a good feeling this one is a winner. Sure, its not going to make you rich but these invites are quick and painless and an hourly pay rate $3 for 10 minutes is pretty damn fair. So far this week I have earned about $35 just accepting the fair paying email invites so it clearly shows our work is paying off. Let the other panels start paying and quit asking people to waste 10 minutes valuable time just to get a ‘sorry, you did not qualify’ notice. Pay people a fair wage for the time and effort and get quality data – do you think they will eventually figure out the recipe for success like PineCone or MintVine have found? Stick with the winners folks. Remember, OpinionPlus also has a site for residents of the UK!

Also worth mention is a small market research firm I recently signed up for  L & E Research. I took a 2 minute qualifier today for an in home product test. I didn’t qualify but the company is now on my watch list for future offers. I LOVE getting freebies in the mail and this study would have involved basic usage of an everyday product, a 15 minute follow up survey and compensated $50 for my time. Like always, I don’t expect to receive many invites like this but we know by now this is a numbers game and the more we add?  The more you will have a shot at each month.


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