Online Earning Rule #1: Get Paid to Do Things You Already Do

By | July 12, 2014

Rule #1: Do What You EnjoyOne of the most important aspects in getting started is identifying habits and practices in your daily routine that are already potential cash cows. I earn an extra $100 each month simply by getting paid to do internet searches and listening to music. With a little adjustment to the way you currently search the internet and the way you listen to music every day, you will be putting your earnings on auto-pilot. This is as close as it comes to effortless money. That said, it takes discipline to consistently change your current habits – for example:  instead of going to Pandora a few times per day to get your music fix, you’ll use ClixSense; instead of using Google for your routine web searches, you’ll hopscotch among paid search services that will surprise you (in a pleasant way) with the number of incentives they offer.

I earmark my Daily Routine Earnings for my car insurance and gas, and still have some left over.

Take Note
While it would be wonderful if we could perform unlimited paid searches every day, each site has daily limits. If you want to rake in $100 each month, it is essential that you join several sites and get into a habit of using them each day. Contact me if you need help. This is a good way to ease into earning online and will be one of your bedrock earners for a long time to come.

Below are the services that I use along with some information and tips on maximizing your earnings.

InboxDollars and SendEarnings (both are owned by the same company, and both will give you $5 just for joining. That’s $10 before you even begin.) InboxDollars and SendEarnings allow you to do up to 30 searches per day. You’ll receive a bonus for consistency if you do this at least four days per week.

Warning! Services to Avoid
I don’t feel comfortable recommending any services that require you to install browser add-ons, due to the security and privacy risks. Two popular services that I do not use and will not recommend are Qmee and Scour.

GiftHulk offers many ways to make money, and one method is through paid searches.

Swagbucks does it a bit differently. If you use it often, you will randomly see a window pop up with a “gift” amount for searching. I find that about every 10 searches yields a gift ranging from $.08- .$25, and it adds up. This is one of my favorite sites for searching.

Bing Rewards
Bing Rewards is a must-use. When you initially join, you are limited to 15 searches per day on your computer and 10 on your device. After reaching 200 credits (2 searches = 1 credit), you will achieve Silver status. At 750 credits you achieve Gold status. With Gold status, you get 30 computer searches per day and 10 mobile. Bing also offers about 5 “special” searches per day, and each week they have a double day, during which your rewards are, you guessed it, doubled.

Zoombucks offers a search program very similar to Swagbucks. As you search, you randomly receive gifts. Most days, I keep a window open for both Swagbucks and Zoombucks, and search simultaneously.

ClixSense is nother great site which I promise to write more about in the future. Suffice it to say: The very first thing I do when I sit at my computer each morning is to visit ClixSense and listen to the radio. I recommend you do like me and let the radio run all day long, just remember to check the screen every hour to verify that you are still listening. My ClixSense earnings come out to about $30 each month, just from listening to the radio each day.

9 thoughts on “Online Earning Rule #1: Get Paid to Do Things You Already Do

  1. Linda

    This is right up my ally since I am at home and am looking for easy money way to go with this web site!

  2. paul Post author

    Hi Linda! Thanks for the comments!!! Give us a few weeks and your going to see a LOT more happening here – we are just getting started. Soon we are going to have a forum so folks can ask questions/exchange ideas and also perhaps a chat room so we can share in real time. The possibilities are endless- there is just so much information available. We are off to a great start but its just going to take a little time to get the word out. Stick with us- I promise I will be putting my heart and soul into this : )


  3. TheDudeAbides

    I appreciate the warning about qmee and scour, I think it would be useful if you listed other sites to avoid. I’ve gotten burned by survey sites before and it soured me on the whole process. We should all pool our information here.

  4. paul Post author

    Excellent Alias Dude : )

    I just did a post on Amazon Turk which is where you should be going to take surveys. Even the best dedicated survey sites can’t compare to mTurk. It’s just amazing how the horrible sites are praised and ironically, the better a survey site is, the less you hear about it… Notice a trend? Scam sites generally pay the highest referral rewards while Amazon pays absolutely no referral bucks. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s going on, and why we hear about one and not the other. When I first started trying to earn online, I spent three solid days on Neobux and made about $.20 (and that IS twenty cents, not a decimal in the wrong place). The way the site is praised, you’d think you could support a family of five by taking their surveys all day long. It’s one huge pyramid scheme in my opinion.

    I am working on a comprehensive breakdown of survey sites and also GPT sites that offer surveys. I joined most of them at some point, and out of about 50-75 sites you can narrow it down to less then 10 that are worthwhile. I will also discuss survey sites that offer a lot of in-home product testings. Those usually pay $25-50, so just a few each month can really help pay the bills.

    Agree 100% on pooling our info in fact that is exactly where we plan on going once we get enough users. I spend all day doing this and would love to have an active forum going 7/24. You can bet its going to happen :0

  5. paul Post author

    GPT basically stands for ‘Get Paid To’ site. There are so many of these its unreal- but you could waste a lifetime trying to find decent ones and come up empty handed. If your goal is to make money performing tasks maybe 1 out of every 100 can earn you something but otherwise its all about referrals. I never understood how anyone can refer someone to a site that you have to work 3-4 hours just to make twenty or thirty pennies.. its just kinda icky to me. The kicker is? When you Do find ones that are legit? You can get lost in the hundreds of tasks and waste countless hours working for peanuts.. That’s why I plan on setting up a forum so that everyone can pool resources and isolate the best tasks to maximize our time. Each site seems to have specific offers that are worth your time but its easy to get caught up in smaller tasks and work for peanuts. I actually have a daily checklist I perform each morning- I go to about 10 sites and have a routine that earns me a few dollars.. and on weekends? I have another routine to take advantage of surveys. Its funny though because on one hand you can get lost in the sea of worthless sites? but then also when you find the quality? you can get obsessed and spend all day watching videos just to make $2-3.. Its imperative you isolate the winning strategies or better yet incorporate strategies into your daily routine so your not spending time/energy working for peanuts. Otherwise its pointless

  6. Ali

    Hey Paul..nice work you’ve been doing bro..just a little query from you…some of the apps/sites that you’ve mentioned are available only to the US continent or a very few countries worldwide…could you plz mention the apps/sites for the people living in Asia ? i’m from Pakistan..also a little suggestion,if you put separate only for Us continent and the other for worldwide…Hope to hear from you soon..Respect & Love from Pakistan…God bless you !

  7. Kay

    Hey Paul,

    Here is where that chat forum would come in handy. I did a little poking about and found an answer for Ali. Living in Pakistan and doing GPT can be difficult. The only company that is a for sure 100% up front guarantee to have at least some work for Ali is Microworkers. When Ali signs up she will need to look at the jobs listed and see if Pakistan is listed as acceptable for each micro job. When she signs in it should tell her how many jobs there are available.
    I like Microworkers. The jobs are very easy and the job usually takes less than 5 minutes to complete. I have reached my first payout and requested it. I have not gotten my actual check yet as you have to have a PIN mailed to you and so the first payout takes a bit of extra time.
    Hope this information helps Ali.
    Not sure if Amazon Turk would work as well.

    1. Ali

      Hey Kay,thanks for the reply..btw i’m “he” lol…I signed up on microworkers and completed couple of jobs..i entered my cell number & i haven’t received my pin yet..have you faced the same problem as well??
      Love & Respect

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