OMGYES Casting – $1000

By | September 17, 2016

Ok so here we go again! Another ‘racy’ blog post but when you see an opportunity that offers a payout this large I just have to set aside all judgement and share it 🙂 . This is obviously not for everyone but I certainly hope someone takes advantage of it.

OMGyes is a research-based website aimed at breaking down the taboo on women’s sexual pleasure. OMGyes combines first-of-its-kind research, technology, and documentary style interviews with women speaking openly and candidly about their own pleasure.

We are looking for women who are interested in being featured on the OMGyes website. Specifically, we’re currently gathering insights from women who rarely or never have orgasms, a topic that is often ignored.

Through video pleasure portraits, OMGYes shows the world:
– How different women like different things
– What actually feels good for different women, in detail
– Ways to communicate what we like

WHO WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Confident women who rarely or never orgasm but know what they like and feel comfortable telling the story of how they discovered what feels good and demonstrating on camera. All body types and ages (21-99).

HOW TO APPLY: Fill out a survey here:

WHO WE ARE: We’re a group of researchers, filmmakers, engineers, designers, educators and sexologists who are passionate about making an honest, practical resource about women’s pleasure.

Here’s some press about our project:

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