OMGYES Casting – $1000 Per Day

By | July 9, 2016

Ok this is for brave females in our group. One of my best contributors on our Facebook Group shared this offer and I just had to send it out as a blog post because the pay is outstanding. Its obviously not for everyone but read on and hopefully someone is interested and cashes in on this one 🙂

Who we are looking for: Real, diverse, confident women, who will be very comfortable being interviewed on camera about their insights and experiences about sexual pleasure. We will film you explaining and demonstrating. Ages 18-99.

In addition to being part of a great cause, you receive $1000 per day for either a one- or two-day interview and shoot, plus a flight to SF and a nice hotel if you’re not local.

Who we are: A small team of sex-positive feminist media makers and researchers. We’ve partnered with researchers at Indiana University and The Kinsey Institute and have support from well-known sex educators, such as Annie Sprinkle, PhD and Carol Queen, PhD.

Our project is showing the world:
• What we really like down there, in detail.
• Ways to communicate what we like.
• That different women like different things.


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