New Forum W/List of Sites Worth Visiting!

By | May 7, 2017

Quick heads up-  I just added something new to the website which you might find useful. I created a forum where I am essentially going to list hundreds/thousands of sites from money making, product testing, market researches etc etc. I wanted to make a simple list where people can spend spare time thumbing through a simple to read listing of hundreds of useful sites. Just so much easier than doing a blog post. There are literally dozens of sites that are discussed in our group or I find each week and they never get mentioned.  The only downside is- in order to make this worth my time? I have Adfly links which require you to sit through a 5 second advertisement before you reach the destination. I feel its a small price to pay for the information and once you get use to Adfly its not a big deal at all.

Just to get it started for now I am taking a lot of information that that has been shared on the blog and in the forum but going forward you will find new information posted daily/weekly. This list is going to get huge I promise you that.  You can access it right at the top of the page just under the Coolworkideas title listed as ‘$$ Sites Worth Visiting $$’

Click Here to check it out!!!

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