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By | January 11, 2015
This is a republish of the PDF File my top six survey earners. I finally found time this weekend to convert it to a regular post. This list will most certainly change quickly, as is the nature of the biz. I selected these primarily based on high payout, abundant supply of opportunities, and outstanding customer support. It’s rare if not impossible to find a site that matches all of these criteria. I tend to focus the bulk of my efforts on this group of six, each of which stands out in at least one main area. I earn several hundred a month as a result.


* No cashout limit * Pays with Paypal or Giftcards
* Average Customer Support
Good: High paying ($3 per) and easy surveys, generous amounts of free samples and will pay you for follow-up surveys on free samples. No rejections, as invite is specific to your profile.
Bad: Not enough Invites


* $10 cashout limit * Pays with Paypal or Giftcards
* Superior Customer Support
Good: High volume of weekly surveys, Above average hourly pay. Site lists the estimated time for completion (ETC) which helps you be more selective. Daily check-in Polls paying $.05-.10. Small $.05 credit for rejections. This panel offers FANTASTIC online focus group opportunities paying $25-50 per hour.
Bad: Fairly high #of rejections, but worth noting the disqualifications happen quickly


* $25 cashout limit (Takes 30 days to receive payment)
* Pays with Paypal * Average Customer Support
Good: Fusion cash is a GPT site that offers high paying surveys. Survey inventory is updated daily and if you are very selective and choose only the highest paying surveys, this site can make you fantastic money. Site lists the task’s ETC. I visit this site almost daily and select only high paying or very short surveys.
Bad: 30+ days to receive your cash. I’ve learned to tolerate this huge negative because the payouts are so generous. Rejections are common and some wait 5-10 minutes before rejecting you. When you have issues receiving credit, customer support is not going to help, so be very selective.


* $8 cashout limit * Pays with Paypal
* Average Customer Support
Good:  Similar to FusionCash, Clixsense is another GPT site that offers high paying surveys. Updated several times per day with ETC labels, which makes being selective easier. I constantly visit this site, along with FusionCash, looking for high paying surveys. Visiting weekly  if only for $3-5 opportunities is worthwhile.
Bad: Rejections are common, 5-10 minutes into the survey, which is a huge waste of time but sadly inevitable.


* NO cashout limit * Pays with Paypal
* Superior Customer Support
Good: Virtually unlimited supply of surveys, updated all day. I have worked on hundreds of sites and no other site offers the customer support that QuickRewards does. Pay special attention to the descriptions: it is imperative you are mindful of the notes and select the shortest times / easiest to get approved.
Bad: Low paying surveys. If you aren’t very selective, you will not benefit from this site. Rejections are an issue but only if you don’t read the descriptions. Surveys don’t credit immediately so you need to keep a record. I have used this site for over 12 months and completed hundreds of surveys and never been cheated.


* 10 cashout limit * Pays with Paypal
* Superior Customer Support
Good: Back in the top spot simply because of the fantastic customer support. The average survey has a fantastic payout and some are quite interesting and pay upwards of $10
Bad: Rejections. There are many times I went 10-15 minutes into a study before rejection. This site has a lot to offer but this one frustrating negative is something you need to always keep in mind


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