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By | May 9, 2015

Amazon Turk is still one of my best online earners. I have been doing it for so long I honestly overlook it for the most part and rarely talk about the site or share tips. I forget how hard it was initially learning all the tricks to increase your hourly pay rate such as what time of the day has the most work available or how long it took before I reached enough completed hits which affords me higher paying tasks. or  what requester to avoid or how to spot a garbage hit?  When you are working for $5-10 an hour all this wisdom can save you 5 minutes here, 3 minutes there and translates into a higher hourly pay rate overall. Most people quit before they reach this level and sadly they are passing up on one of the most absolutely reliable and consistent sources of extra income you can earn online.

A few years back some folks came up with a fantastic idea on Reddit. Create a thread where Turkers can gather each day and share hits that are worth doing. The general rule of thumb is in order for a ‘hit’ to be worth it the pay rate needs to be at least $1.00 per 10 minutes, or an hourly pay rate of $6. HitsWorthTurkingFor was created and to this day it is clearly one of the most popular place for workers to gravitate each day and find the best hits offered to workers. A screening process where you can avoid all the pitfalls and traps of poor requesters and focus all your time on proven quality hits maximizing every precious second of your scarce time as a Turker.

The downside to HWTF unfortunately becomes obvious rather quickly. No matter how fast you type it takes about 2-3 minutes to post your hit once you completed it. This may not sound like a lot but in the Amazon Turk world quality hits vanish in 5 minutes. So even if the Hit is still alive by time it gets posted suddenly thousands of workers are clicking on it so you spend all day being teased with great opportunities only to be lead to a blank page. The Hit is gone. Another huge problem? People lying about the time the hit takes. This is particularly frustrating and its VERY common on HWTF in fact it was the reason I stopped using the thread about a year ago. On the plus side HWTF has aggressive moderators and the users also help by pointing out fibbers but lets face it- we all exaggerate, we all lie, its human nature and it takes money out of your pocket when your working for low wages. If you rely on trust when sharing information your going to be severely disappointed is my point.

Which brings me to a site called MturkList. The thread on Reddit is simply for support. The actual site is outside of Reddit at MturkList.Com but folks- if you are a beginner or seasoned worker? THIS is where you want to be. The owner of this site is a programmer and  he created a platform you download which creates a plugin for your browser. As you complete the hit?  All of the relevant information is immediately taken from your completed hit and submitted to the MturkList site. Everything you need including the hourly pay, qualifications needed, time it took to complete the hit, is the hit still active, and also a comments section. You can literally stop looking up hits on Amazon and use this site all day and have nothing but quality handed to you. A worker can share good hits minutes before it makes it onto Hits Worth Turking For and those minutes are what makes the difference between it being active or inactive. Whether you are new to Amazon Turk? or doing it for years.. if you haven’t heard of this site? I strongly recommend it. I also did want to mention that initially when I realized I had to download a plugin I was apprehensive. I can personally say I have used this site quite a bit over the last year and there are absolutely no conflicts or security risks.Very rarely will I vouch for a site and even when I do? I stress that its my backup computer that I am using but MturkList is on my main computer.

These days I Turk alone but that’s because I have so many things going on at once its hard to be active on forums and share my work. It also is worth noting that I have completed over 10,000 hits and average 10+ hours a day on Turk religiously which has afforded me the luxury of knowing the good/bad requesters and how to identify lousy hits. Not many people will ever reach that level of wisdom. Truth is? nobody ‘should’ ever reach that pathetic level but sad to admit I have. Until then? A site like MturkList is strongly recommended. The site is great, the owner is great and a lot of really good hard working people gather on that site each and every day.

Turkers may also find This post interesting regarding overturning rejections.


UPDATE 3/19/2016

Recently this older post was shared on Twitter and quite a few people have been reading it. A LOT has changed with Amazon Turk over the last year and I felt it was important to let folks know that I no longer recommend either HWTF or MturkList in fact I feel bad that this post might be sending folks in that direction and wasting their time. There is value in these sites but if you are looking to get the best hits and make the most from your Amazon experience these are now outdated and there are much MUCH better ways of pulling hits. If you want to discuss it further go to the general forum here on Coolworkideas and I will be happy to help you out. I have not used either service in almost a year nor do I plan to. They are outdated and there are much better scripts available for free. Everything changes and Amazon Turk has changed dramatically over the last year. 


30 thoughts on “MturkList – For Serious Amazon Turk Workers

  1. Michele

    I love the Mturk list and usually pull it up before I even open up Mturk. I refresh Mturk list every time I finish a hit. Just curious Paul, with that many hits, did you reach Master Qualification? Also would love to know what kind of hits you enjoy/do. I love Amazon Mechanical Turk and keep it open all day working on it while I do all the other minor sites.

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Hey Michele! Good to see its not just me working on this fine Saturday morning : ( )
      I do not have master class status and let me tell you it burns me up inside BIG time.. I even wrote them not once but 2 times begging for it and the response has always been that its a random selection process and nothing more. Each day I put almost all my effort into surveys and studies? only rarely do I take a different path and do some batches or transcribing. but my comfort zone is surveys and I always felt the lack of variety was what prevented me from getting that elusive masters rating but now I am not so certain. In fact, I now believe it is in fact a random process just as they say and boy that is disappointing and in some ways insulting. I will probably offend some of ‘those’ folks by saying this? but hey- its just my opinion so here goes. After spending the last year on sites like Mturk Forum and HWTF among others? I have found quite a few folks who have master class status that I have watched? seemed rather sloppy, sort of like speed readers… or I should say they don’t stand out in any way that makes me say wow, ok, this is where I need to be! Obviously not all of them? and I hope its not the fact that I am jealous and bitter they achieved this status? but over and over each day I would run into hits that took me 10-15 minutes and they would complete them in half that. Since I cant help but be vocal I would immediately call them out on the time or issues with the hits and the folks with master class would write responses to me that implied they would cut/paste responses or all they look for is the attention checkers while speed filling in the bubbles. Many MANY times when I had issue with a hit? I would get replies from Master Class traders that lead me to believe without any doubt that they did not take the work seriously and therefore it cut the completion time in half. I don’t want to offend anyone? but with no animosity, no jealousy, and just pure honest opinion? Most master class workers are very efficient but in no way do they stand out as shining examples of workers who concentrate on quality and well thought out responses. In fact it somewhat angers me a bit to realize Amazon doesn’t screen based on how well you do the hits but in fact it seems to be truly random or at the very least efficiency based rather then quality. I am sure they do look at the number of hits you completed and your rejection percent? but in all my dealings with the various threads I am confident in my conclusion that Master Class traders do nothing different from the average workers.

  2. Bridget Berliner

    i tried doing turk one weekend about a year ago and found it so confusing and complicated. i spent so much time sifting through jobs and most just paid pennies. i think after hours of trying to make sense of it i earned a total of $1.82. i have never gone back. i guess i should give it another try. lately i have been trying out microworkers and find it much easier to navigate and understand. have you tried them?

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Bridget you absolutely have to give it another try. I have used MicroWorkers in fact somewhere in this pile of posts I wrote about them? Clickworkers is another? but nothing compares to Amazon.. Whats cool about MicroWorkers is there are a lot of quick tasks such as viewing a website or signing up for a promotion or an app? I think initially MicroWorkers and Cliclworker are both very user friendly and its easy to just jump right in and start working. Amazon has a cold feel to it.. but what has struck me over time with Amazon is the whole concept works incredibly well. Surprising considering how little hands on the actual staff at Amazon cares to give the site? there is a hand shake between the worker and the site that works real well in fact I cant even remember the last time the site was down for more then 30 seconds (no joke). Turkopticon allows people to rate the requesters so all things combined its insanely efficient and scams don’t stand a chance and are weeded out quickly.
      I often thought of taking some time and creating quick video tutorials.. Maybe make like a dozen of them from beginner to pro and post them on my site and ask people to donate maybe $.25 or $.50 to me for sharing but I just cant find time.. but if you trust anything I have ever written? trust me on this advice. Learn Amazon turk. Once it all jives in your head after you do about 500 hits? You will never look back. Also keep in mind- nobody praises Amazon because they don’t offer any referral programs. Nobody gains anything by sharing it so its so hard to get to the fact of the matter similar to how nobody praises PineCone Panel and yet you will see nothing but glowing reviews of sites like CashCrate that offer 10% referrals.. The inefficient nature of blogs where everyone is motivated by affiliate programs.. Also I realize Amazon requires you to actually prove who you are which is for one reason and that reason is the IRS.. I understand a lot of folks may be disabled, unemployed, and there are many reasons folks would rather use a gift related site as opposed to Amazon which 100% requires you to pay taxes if you earn serious money. Whatever the reasons? the end result is Amazon Turk sorta falls between the cracks and many people over look it. My biggest earnings come from doing outside market research and product testing- it helps that I live in NJ which is very densely populated and its easy to earn doing this.. but Amazon is in second place.. Its consistent, reliable, and yes I had to pay quite a bit in taxes this year thanks to it being so legit? but hell- I don’t care.. Amazon Turk was a solid part time job for me last year. I earn close to $1000 a month which isn’t a ton of money? but considering what I have to do to earn it? no commute, no politics, no stress.. The pay rate is very high when you consider what it is we are doing compared to a real job : )

      Seriously- lets start this discussion on the reddit thread if you decide to start back up with it. I would be happy to help you.. because I am certain beyond any doubt in a few months you’ll look back and say microworker? who are they? oh yeah I remember using them : )

  3. Bridget Berliner

    thanx for the detailed reply! i will attempt again–but even now i went to the page that shows hits i qualify for and they all are 1-5 CENTS!! that is crazy to me and i don’t understand most of the task descriptions either which makes me too timid to accept. like this one:

    Description: Describe two meals and find matching foods in a table.

    wtf does that mean? i never take these obscure sounding tasks because i am afraid my 100% rating will drop and with the low number of hits i have done my rating will plummet and no one will accept me!

    another job says this:

    Description: There are items missing in the list of items provided, find the missing items and add them.

    and the pay for this one is only 1 penny!!!! who does these jobs?

    do you really crank out a ton of these penny jobs or do you get much higher paying ones due to your rank?

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Ok try this if you have some time.. go to amazon turk.. and on the top of the page you will see some boxes you can fill out. Now fill in those boxes with the following answers so we can screen out the garbage..

      In the ‘find’ field? make sure it says ‘hits’ . Right next to that it says containing? and put in the word ‘survey’. and the next line says ‘that pay at least’ and put in .20

      Very important right next to these boxes you’ll see 2 boxes and make sure you have a check mark in the box that says ‘for which you are qualified’.

      Press ‘go’ and see what that brings up… what you just did here was screened out everything and pulled up all survey opportunities that you are qualified to take that pay $.20 or more . Just below these options you will see one more that says ‘sort by’ and its VERY VERY important to choose the option that says ‘HIT CREATION DATE (Newest First). This means every time you hit ‘go’ to search? youll pull up the most recent available hits. My experience has been the longer the hit is available? the better chance its not a solid hit or worth your time. Good hits vanish fast is my point.

      Maybe I should take what I am writing you? and also dozens of emails I have done in private with people asking these same questions and do a quick post on ‘beginners for turk’ just to get these basics out of the way.. Again- its been so long since I have been at this? I quickly forget how overwhelming and unfriendly it is.. but once you refine this simple search above? instead of seeing junk? your going to see tons and tons and TONS of surveys ranging from $.20 to $2.00 and that’s when you’ll sit back in your chair and think wow.. is this real? : )

      Ok I am heading out for a hike.. gotta get away from this screen to rest my eyes.. The only nice thing about living in NJ? is the change of seasons can be delightful. Everything is coming alive after a long hard winter.. I love it!!!

    1. paul2015 Post author

      After you complete a survey or task it will usually produce a ‘code’ or instructions that you must enter when you submit the hit on Amazon Turk. Its the way you link your completed study that you did to your Amazon Turk account. Your working ID is found on your account profile begins with the letter ‘A’

      : )

  4. Bridget Berliner

    thank you paul! you should put together an e-book on getting started and tricks and tips for all the initially overwhelming platforms like turk, swag bucks and others—maybe you could make a few bucks!

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Are you a good writer?? : ) That is my weakness.. in fact if you notice the blog is set up more like a dairy.. Not many posts that are much more then bits of information. Most if not all are poorly written, horrid spelling and grammar.. but I realized real early I wasn’t going to waste the time creating some pretty blog with tons of well written posts etc etc.. I was just going to share the work I was doing and make it all about information. In some ways its worked because most people overlook the horrid writing style and find the value in what I post. but it would be nice to one day take all my ideas and have them passed through a ‘buffer’ who can fix them up and make them easier to understand etc etc.. Actually very very early on in the blog I had that and then the jerk bailed on me when he realized blogs don’t make money or at least not for years and years if ever : (

      See the guys on Reddit are making fun of my writing.. but its true and I have written about it many times in my posts. Nobody is perfect!

  5. Bridget Berliner

    sorry to keep pestering you but i did everything you said (thank you btw, much easier to digest now and surveys are what i am primarily interested in) but i still can’t figure out how to tell how long survey is. i don’t want to take a 25 cents survey that is 40 minutes. i see they list time allotted but i didnt think that correlated to survey length. what am i missing to find each survey’s estimated duration if it’s not listed in the title?

      1. paul2015 Post author

        oh yeah- the post will vanish in a few minutes thanks to those folks.. I started the reddit thread thinking it would be fun but honestly? its days are numbered because I am too old for the drama… Was cool to see how quickly the thread received almost 400 subscribers but if I have to deal with people being nasty and trashing me it just takes one swipe of the delete button to kill it. Thats the nice part about a project that takes nothing but time and effort and no monetary rewards of any real size come out of it.. pffftttt!

  6. Jennifer

    I used MturkList before Adfly was added. It was really the only thing I truly hated about HWTF and it miffed me to see it on MturkList, as i LOVED that site. I see now that you can pay to not have to see Adfly, so maybe it’s worth looking into again. Although Hitscraper has been doing pretty good at finding hits. I do like having a second place to go to when things are slow and I might have missed something.

    1. paul2015 Post author

      How good is that Hitscraper? was thinking about going that way but never did..

      Its funny with the Adfly because the pay is like .001 for each view.. always seemed it was more trouble then it was worth but I guess every penny counts, just annoying having to watch the time tick away and the hit expires because your forced to be re-routed.

      1. Jennifer

        Hitscraper is an absolute necessity for me. I get really stressed out if it’s not working for some reason. It does all the searching for you, but a lot faster and sorts everything neatly into colors, or you can sort by TO. It’s fantastic.

        I’ve gotten real good at copy and paste. I hate AdFly so, so much.

        1. paul2015 Post author

          I absolutely have to check this out thanks!! I always drag my feet on things and then after the fact I get so angry with myself thinking why why why did I wait so long. I did that with Turkopticon of all things! I refused to take 10 seconds to download the plug in.. Not sure what my thinking is? I guess truth is I become a creature of habit and even if something can improve my situation I still am reluctant.. but wow when I finally took that step it was like my eyes were open and I could see the good, the bad and the ugly for what it was worth and the time I saved wow..

          I was just thinking- One thing I need to do with this blog is set up a forum even if its just a simple no frills kind of deal. There is just so much information like this conversation we are having here that gets lost as the post gets older..and I really don’t trust reddit very much and I know I am living on borrowed time there. I have to really figure out how to bring everything to the blog once and for all so everything is in one space and can act as a really good reference and even some fun. Its a lonely business we are all part of and its so extreme.. some real nasty people and then some incredibly wonderful folks. Its always nice to be able to exchange info and actually trust the people behind it. Need to get my gears turning here while I have the opportunity : )

        2. Onnonnon

          I second the Hitscraper recommendation. My priority is first the higest paid per hour HITs on MTurkList, then if nothing is worth my time on Mturklist I go right to the HIT scraper. I never even use the MTurk interface itself anymore for looking for HITs.

          1. paul2015 Post author

            Ok that did it.. I just emailed myself a note for tomorrow.. Hitscraper.. Not going to drag my feet and then hit myself in a year from now saying I should a listened.. Thanks folks!!! I am sure I wont be disappointed..

  7. Onnonnon

    I love Mturklist! At this point I consider it the most essential tool I use. I certainly pay the 1.50 a month for premium access. I consider it to pay for itself pretty immediately. It’s a must for turkers.

  8. Savy

    I am slowly understanding Amazon Turk thanks to you Paul! Keep up the great work its appreciated!!!

  9. joshua

    You mentioned in another article you make 500-1000 a month off mturk. is it just by using this alone. or do you use scripts like turk master. Im brand new to mturk.

  10. leah_Chicago

    Great idea in theory … though doesn’t work (for me at least) …

    Registered, played with the ‘control panel’ … yet 90% of the links I clicked on sent me to an Amazon mTurk (post adfly)
    ” There are no more available HITs in this group. See more HITs available to you below. ”

    After refreshing the page, I continue to see the links that are dead though not marked as such…

    ** Yes, I marked the checkboxes: Hide Dead and Only Show Past 24 hours

    1. Paul Post author

      Hi Leah- I actually agree with you and this is a ‘dated’ blog post, one that will be deleted whenever I get time to clean things up. Amazon Turk has changed quite a bit and sites like Mturk List and Hits worth turking for are really no longer valuable tools. By time the ‘hit’ is posted the batch is long gone.

      Much better tools for pulling hits from Amazon that I am currently using… and they are free 🙂

      Good luck- you should stop into the forum and we can discuss alternatives. As you can see by the members list on Mturk List I have no posted on that site in a long long time nor do I plan to ever again.

    1. Admin Post author

      Hello Vivek- from what I have been hearing? Its been increasingly difficult to get into Amazon Turk. The process I was familiar with was usually about 2 weeks. You absolutely should hear something back within a few weeks one way or another. One bit of advice? Don’t be surprised if they respond back asking more questions. Amazon is notorious for being difficult and if you recently changed address or if anything is even slightly questionable they will require you to go the extra mile to establish your identity. Another thing- if they write back that they are not accepting new workers at this time? Just keep re-applying. I was reading a few weeks back where several folks had to apply several times over 3 months before finally getting approved. You should take the time to visit and do some searches on the subject so you can communicate with other folks and you will see a lot of conversations from folks who are having difficult and others who eventually got in. Absolutely don’t despair if you have trouble initially- its worth it.. There is really only 1 other platform that even comes close to Amazon Turk so you want to keep at it and do whatever you can to get approved as a worker with them : 0

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